Why The Academy?

Education. Opportunity. Growth.
There is so much to the Indiana Academy!

  • #1 Public High School in Indiana
  • Among the Top 20 High Schools in the Nation
  • Nationally-ranked faculty
  • 100% of the student body matriculates to a 4-year college
  • Average of $10 million in scholarship offers made to each graduating class
  • Scholarships and Incentives from Ball State University
  • 24-Hour security
  • Single-gender secure floors
  • ALL of our classes are college prep, dual credit, or AP
  • Lots of AP courses available in Science, Math, Computer Science, English, and Spanish
  • More than 45 dual-credit courses worth over 150 college credit hours
  • Take classes at Ball State University
  • Over 50 clubs, extracurricular activities, intramurals, and IHSAA sports
  • 6 different world languages offered at the Academy with 2 more offered through Ball State University
  • FREE tuition

Excel with a World-Class Education

With classes that are all college level, AP, or dual credit, every class provides a challenge, you won’t be bored here. Our classes are taught by world-class, nationally ranked faculty who will open up the world to you.

With a curriculum that offers over 45 dual credit classes, 6 in-house world languages, 20+ elective courses in science, 19 elective courses in English, 11 elective courses in social studies, as well as many other classes, students earn the Core 40 with Honors Diploma while also exploring their individual interests.

Opportunities for Scholarships and Prestigious College Admissions

Each year our graduates are offered millions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid.

Colleges and universities from all across the United States, including Ivy League schools, seek out our students and approximately 75% of recent graduates have stayed in-state to pursue their undergraduate degrees. And be sure to check out where our students attend college.

To help students explore potential colleges and careers, our alumni return to campus to present a speaker’s series on their college experiences and careers. Students can also explore careers through our May Term and school-year apprenticeship programs.

Build Lifelong Connections and Friendships

The Indiana Academy is a place where you can be who you are meant to be. You will meet some of the most interesting people you will ever know and have conversations about everything imaginable. Through shared experiences of studying, laughing, struggling, and succeeding, you may come into the Indiana Academy as strangers but you will leave as lifelong friends.

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