2023-2024 Course Catalog – Science: Research / Apprenticeship

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Science: Research

CL College Level

CP College Prep

DC Dual Credit

XC Exploratory Course

Research Science I & II (CL)

Prerequisite: Spring – Successful completion of first semester Research Science I
Credit: 1 credit per semester
Offered: Fall/Spring Sequence

In the first semester of this course the basic principles of research are covered, and the student is expected in the second semester to develop a research project which is to be presented through a written document and oral presentation. Students interested in developing an original in-depth research idea are encouraged to submit a grant proposal. Students are encouraged to continue their project for a second semester and present it at one of the venues available.

Science: Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Science Laboratory Assistant

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Credit: .5 or 1 credit per semester
Offered: Fall and/or Spring

The Teaching/Laboratory Assistant program allows students to explore a college major or career interest by working with a professional for a period of time. The emphasis is on applied work experience that enables students to learn more about a potential college major or career choice. Students can earn one half credit (30 hours during the semester) or a full credit (60 hours during the semester). Students may schedule with Instructor of Record the times of service as needed to complete the credit requirements necessary to earn Elective Science Credit. Assistantships may begin at different points during the semester.

Ball state courses such as the following may be taken on a space-available basis. The Academy is not responsible for fees associated with these courses.

GEOL 101 Introduction to Geology

GEOL 102 Historical Geology

GEOL 206 Oceans and Nations

GEOL 207 Environmental Geology

GEOL 220 Mineralogy

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