2023-2024 Course Catalog – Academy / Burris: Fine Arts

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Fine Arts

CL College Level

CP College Prep

DC Dual Credit

XC Exploratory Course

Enrollment into Burris classes (BUR prefix) is subject to space availability. Burris courses meet five days a week and could conflict with other Academy choices. Burris courses are also subject to additional course fees. Courses taken to fulfill graduation requirements will be covered by the Academy. Fees for courses taken for student interest are the responsibility of student and their family.

Social History of Art (CL)

Prerequisite: Not open to students with credit in History through Art and Architecture
Credit: 1 credit in Fine Arts
Offered: Fall

An introduction to the history of art and architecture, with a deliberate exposure to both pre-modern and non-Western cultures. Topics and regions covered may include prehistoric and primitive art, a survey of Western art traditions and ideas from Greco-Roman times to the present, and comparative treatments of the independent artistic perspectives of Africa, India, East Asia, and the Americas. There will be a significant independent research component, with individual students “curating” a proposed gallery show as their final project.

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