2018-2019 Course Catalog – Interdisciplinary Studies: Business

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Interdisciplinary Studies: Business

CL College Level

CP College Prep

DC Dual Credit

XC Exploratory Course

Personal Finance (DC)

Prerequisite: None
Credit: 1 credit
Offered: Spring

The fundamental principles of general business and related economic concepts are considered from the consumer’s point of view. General fundamental principles of business, consumer buying, use of credit, banking, insurance, investments, tax concepts, and budgeting will be introduced.

* Ball State University offers 3 college credit hours to students in FIN 110 upon completion of this course. Refer to the Dual Credit section for details on enrollment and fees.

Publications (CP)

Prerequisite: None
Credit: 1 credit per semester in elective studies
Offered: Fall and/or Spring

This course provides the study and practice in gathering and analyzing information, interviewing and note taking for the purpose of writing, editing, and publishing; the gathering, editing and preparation of digital images; and the design and preparation of page layouts for high school yearbook.

This course will also provide the study of—and practice in—gathering and analyzing information, interviewing, and note taking for the purpose of: (1) writing, (2) editing, (3) publishing for high school newspaper.

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