2018-2019 Course Catalog – Dual Credit

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Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit Courses (designated as “DC” in the course catalog descriptions) are Indiana Academy courses taught by Academy instructors and have been recognized as equivalent to a Ball State University course. Students who enroll for dual credit may request a transcript from Ball State University which can be transferred to any college or university that accepts BSU credits. Students are responsible for the special dual credit tuition fee. The tuition fee for dual credit varies according to the course. In the list below all courses underlined will cost $25 per college credit hour. These courses are on the state core library list for automatic transfer between Indiana Universities and colleges. The tuition for all courses listed in italics is $250.00 per course. These courses are NOT on the core library list for automatic transfer between Indiana Universities and colleges. Students should check with a receiving college for their policy on the transfer of Ball State University courses. All tuition fees are waived for students who are on free and reduced lunch. Applications, directions for enrollment, and other information on dual credit courses can be obtained from the Guidance Office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Credit

Important items to keep in mind:

  1. Fall semester enrollment will take place Monday, August 27 – Friday, August 31, 2018. Enrollment for spring dual credit courses will take place in early January. You must enroll during these times if you wish to receive dual credit. Ball State University does not allow late enrollments.
  2. Dual credit courses indicated with an asterisk (*) are the second course in a two-semester sequence. Students must enroll in the fall in the first course of the sequence in order to qualify for dual credit in the spring semester. Students must enroll and pay another tuition fee for the second course in the sequence at the start of the Spring semester.
  3. Courses labeled “enroll in spring only” have two semesters of the Academy classes to equal one semester of the BSU class. Enrollment is done in the second semester of the Academy class. Final dual credit grade is an average between the two semesters of the Academy class.
  4. Actual courses available for dual credit are subject to change. Check with the Guidance Office for the most current list of courses.
Academy course number and titleBSU course
ENG05111S2Linguistics3 cr. hrs. in ENG 320 (spring only)
World Languages
FRN1A/1BFrench I4 cr. hrs. per semester in FR 101 and 102*
FRN2A/2BFrench II3 cr. hrs. in FR 201 (enroll spring only)
FRN3A/3BFrench III3 cr. hrs. in FR 202 (enroll spring only)
GER1A/1BGerman I4 cr. hrs. per semester in GER 101 and 102*
GER2A/2BGerman II3 cr. hrs. per semester in GER 201 and 202*
JAP1A/1BJapanese I4 cr. hrs. in JP 101 (enroll spring only)
JAP2A/2BJapanese II4 cr. hrs. in JP 102 (enroll spring only)
LAT1A/1BLatin I3 cr. hrs. per semester in LAT 101 and 102*
LAT2A/2BLatin II3 cr. hrs. per semester in LAT 201 and 202*
SPN1A/1BSpanish I4 cr. hrs. in SPN 102 (enroll spring only)
SPN2A/2BSpanish II3 cr. hrs. in SPN 201 (enroll spring only)
SPN3A/3BSpanish III3 cr. hrs. in SPN 202 (enroll spring only)
Social Studies
SOC201American History I3 cr. hrs. in HIST 201: US 1492-1876 (spring only)
SOC202American History II3 cr. hrs. in HIST 202: US 1877-Present
SOC05130West in the World3 cr. hrs. in HIST 150 (spring only)
Mathematics / Computer Science / Finance
MAT04005Calculus3 cr. hrs. in MATH 132 (fall only)
MAT04123/04124AP Calculus AB4 cr. hrs. in MATH 165 (enroll spring only)
MAT04133/04134AP Calculus BC4 cr. hrs. per semester in MATH 165 and 166*
MAT04514Statistics3 cr. hrs. in MATH 181 (available fall & spring)
MAT04515Quantitative Reasoning3 cr. hrs. in MATH 125 (spring only)
MAT04825AP Statistics3 cr. hrs. in MATH 181 (spring only)
MAT04832Linear Algebra4 cr. hrs. in MATH 217 (fall only)
MAT04833Multivariable Calculus4 cr. hrs. in MATH 267 (fall only)
MAT04834Differential Equations3 cr. hrs. in MATH 374 (spring only)
CMP04202Visual Programming4 cr. hrs. in CS 120 (fall only)
CMP04501/4502AP Computer Sci. A 1, 24 cr. hrs. in CS 121 (enroll spring only)
BUS0110Personal Finance3 cr. hrs. in FIN 110 (spring only)
SCI03201/03202General Chemistry 1, 23 cr. hrs. in CHEM 100 (enroll in spring only)
SCI04204/04205AP Chemistry4 cr. hrs. per semester in CHEM 111 and 112*
SCI04209Intro to Organic & Biochem.5 cr. hrs. in CHEM 101 (spring only)
SCI04301/04302AP Biology4 cr. hrs. per semester in BIO 111 and 112*
SCI04304Microbiology5 cr. hrs. in BIO 113 (fall only)
SCI04328AP Environmental Science3 cr. hrs. in NREM 101 (enroll in spring only)
SCI03101/03102General Physics 1, 23 cr. hrs. in PHYC 100 (enroll in spring only)
SCI03111/03112AP Physics I4 cr. hrs. in PHYC 110 (enroll in spring only)
SCI04102/04103AP Physics C5 cr. hrs. per semester in PHYC 120 and 122*
SCI04406The Solar System3 cr. hrs. in ASTR 100 (fall only)
SCI04407Galactic Astronomy3 cr. hrs. in ASTR 120 (spring only)
* Enrollment in the first course is a pre-requisite for enrollment in the second course.

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