2018-2019 Course Catalog – Individual Study

◄ Interdisciplinary Studies: Research

Individual Study


The internship program allows students to explore a career interest by working with a professional for a short period of time. The emphasis is on a work experience that enables students to learn about a potential career choice. Students may schedule four or eight hours per week in the Internship program. Students can earn one half credit per semester (4 hrs./week) or one credit per semester (8hrs./week). For further information, please contact Mr. Aaron Lake

Directed Study

Through a Directed Study, students form linkages with instructors who have expertise in an area of interest for them that cannot be acquired through the Academy curriculum. If students are interested in pursuing a Directed Study, they should first contact the particular instructor who they wish to study with to determine if the instructor is willing. If the instructor agrees to the Directed Study, then the instructor and the student must complete the Directed Study Proposal form on the Indiana Academy website at academy.bsu.edu/forms/. No student may take a Directed Study if their need may be met through an Indiana Academy course offering unless an explicit need or conflict can be demonstrated. Students wishing to enroll in a Directed Study must be at least a second semester junior. The Directed Study must be approved by the instructor, Division Chair, and Director of Academic Affairs. This approval process automatically occurs once the proposal is submitted online.