Academic Support / Student Life Policies

Academic Support

Because of the rigorous nature of Academy and University classes, the Indiana Academy provides an array of services to help students if they begin to struggle academically.

  • The Office of Academic Guidance offers counseling on study habits and time organization and coordinates an extensive Peer Tutoring Program that matches students who have exceptional skills and knowledge in a particular subject with students needing help in that same area.
  • NECP students will have access to their instructor during their office hours or by appointment. All Indiana Academy instructors schedule 10 office hours each week in the day and evening hours.
  • During the first year of the program, NECP students will be assigned an advisor from the faculty to help them enroll in appropriate courses and track their progress.
  • Academic Progress Reports (APR) are sent by teachers to the student and parents by instructors whenever they begin to have difficulties in a class. These students are seen by the Assistant Director of Guidance or his graduate assistant if a student continues to receive APRs in a class or several classes.

Student Life Policies

Each incoming class enrolled in the NECP will form a cohort group led by a member of the Indiana Academy faculty/staff. This arrangement will facilitate and encourage cohesiveness among the members of the cohort group and with the Indiana Academy community. The cohort group will be formed upon enrollment in the Academy and will attend a specific orientation along with their parents. The cohort group will meet once a week with their leader unless there is a scheduled convocation.

In addition to being responsible for following all applicable Indiana Academy Handbook policies and emergency procedures, the policies below will apply to NECP students:

  • The public areas of Wagoner Hall may be used during designated hours.
  • With a host and staff approval, NECP students may request permission to visit the resident floors for a brief time during designated hours.
  • NECP students will be required to sign in and out of Wagoner Hall at the front desk when entering or leaving the building.
  • Parents will be asked to provide the Academy with student cell phone numbers so they can be contacted in case of an emergency.