NECP Costs


  • The tuition for Indiana Academy dual credit courses is either $25 per credit hour or $250 per course (depending upon the course). More information can be found in the course catalog. Courses taken at Ball State for credit require payment of the normal tuition amount.
  • NECP students are required each year to pay a book rental fee, student service fee, and technology fee at the same rate as resident students. Costs such as the yearbook, calculator rental, and computer insurance, will remain optional.
    Required Fees
    Enrollment Fee (Due Junior Year upon enrollment)$100
    Textbook/Supply/Technology Fee$260
    Student Services Fee$100
    Total Yearly Fees$460
    Optional Fees
    Laptop Insurance$60
    Graphing Calculator Rental$20
    Dual Credit (Earn High School and College Credit)$25-$250 per course
    Audit BSU Course for High School Credit$55 per course
    BSU Course for full College Credit$1,112-$1,496 per course
    These fees are for the 2016-17 school year and are subject to change. Students on free and reduced lunch have reduced fees or fee waivers. The $50 one-time application to BSU for Dual Credit fee is not waived.
  • Texts for Ball State courses must be purchased by the student. All other texts are provided by the Indiana Academy as part of the textbook fee.
  • Students who plan to park on the Ball State campus must pay to use the parking facilities.
  • Students would have access to the meal plans through the Ball State. If they do not choose to be on a meal plan they would need to go home for lunch, bring their lunch, pay to eat at the dining hall, eat at a restaurant, etc.
  • The NECP student (and/or their family) are responsible for making parking and meal plan arrangements.