Earning College Credit

Earning College Credit

NCEP students have the opportunity to earn significant amounts of college credit through Indiana Academy dual credit courses and Ball State courses. NECP students may take Ball State courses, Indiana Academy dual credit courses, or a combination of the two to complete graduation requirements. What courses to take and how many is determined by the advisor and guidance counselor after reviewing the student’s academic history and discussions with the student and his/her parents.

Students have the opportunity to accumulate up to 60+ college credits through Indiana Academy dual credit courses and appropriate Ball State courses. To receive college credit for Indiana Academy dual credit and Ball State courses, students must pay tuition. Tuition for many Academy dual credit courses is $250 per course; other courses are available for $25 per credit hour. The tuition for Ball State courses is by the credit hour and may vary yearly. In cases where there is an Indiana Academy dual credit course available, it would be taken in lieu of a comparable Ball State course.

Students may audit Ball State classes for only $55 per class for high school credit.

See our course catalog for more details.