One Academy Day 2021

Dear Indiana Academy Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and Friends:

I am left speechless by the incredible support from all Indiana Academy stakeholders on April 6 for One Academy Day. At the end of the day, the Academy raised $37,695 from 287 gifts by 261 unique donors, across 34 states and D.C. Wow! This amount included $3,500 from several Ball State challenges we earned as a result of your amazing support. We also finished at the top of the Teachers College leaderboard for the most donors, and we finished third across all of Ball State University in the total number of donors.

Your support extended far beyond donations as many alumni shared their experiences from their time at the Indiana Academy. It was a joy seeing all of the pictures posted and the memories they recalled. I am so thankful to the alumni that even set up their own challenges to encourage others to donate.

Once we receive the final giving report, this will identify which funds were donated to us on One Academy Day and the exact amount of giving to each. After these funds are spent, we will compile a report to share that information so you know how your generous donations were used to benefit students at the Indiana Academy.

Thank you again for your amazing support. We are One Academy!

Dr. Dain Kavars (He/Him/His)
Executive Director
Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities

One Ball State Day Leaderboards

  • Top 5 Donor Challenge.
  • 5 Hours, 5 Areas, $1,000 each.
  • Evening Leaderboard.
  • Teachers College Department Leaderboard

Academy Stories

Lauren Poindexter
Indiana Academy Class of 2012

How did I get here? I ask myself this most mornings as I glance out of my window past my university, past the Incheon skyline, and on towards the Yellow Sea. How did I get here from a small town in Indiana? How did I get here from dreams of being the next great [insert scientist here]? How did I get here, to this day, living this comfortable dream of a life written and revised over the last decade (or so)?

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Missed One Academy Day?

If you missed out on One Academy Day, but still want to give, you can always Donate to the Academy!

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