Health Services for Nonresidential Students

The Indiana Academy Nurse’s Office is located in Wagoner Hall room 155 and encompasses the healthcare needs of all Academy & NECP Students (illness/injury/medication/etc.). The nurse’s office is staffed with two full-time registered nurses (RN). The nurse’s office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The office phone number is 765-285-7360.

Tina Brinkman, RN (Coordinator of Health Care Services) –
Nikki Al Khatib, RN (School Nurse) –

Illness/Health Care

If a NECP student becomes ill while at school, he/she must check in with the nursing staff in Wagoner Hall prior to leaving school for home. Unexcused absences may be given if the student does not follow this procedure. If a school nurse is unavailable, the student should inform the front desk that he/she is ill and going home.

If a NECP student becomes ill at home, the parent/guardian must call the nurse’s office to report the illness on the morning of the absence. Students who are home ill and miss more than 3 consecutive days of school will need a medical statement from their physician to return.

The nursing staff does not have any jurisdiction over BSU or Burris classes and therefore cannot excuse students from those classes. Students are encouraged to follow the policy for those particular classes.


IMPORTANT: The Academy has a new medication policy, effective August 2017.

 Download the new Medication Policy document

Health Packet & Requirements

The Indiana Academy Nursing Office requires completion of our NECP Health Packet prior to the first day of school. Please be as descriptive as possible so that the nurses have the most current and up-to-date information on your child. In addition to the Health Packet, the Indiana Academy Nursing Office also requires a copy of the Immunization Record. It is a state law that we have your student’s complete immunization record on file. In addition to the normal childhood immunizations, the Indiana State Department of Health also requires the following: 1 Tdap Vaccine, 1-2 Meningitis Vaccines and either 2 Chicken Pox Vaccines or proof of the Chicken Pox Disease documented by at least the month and year. A booster dose (or 2nd dose) of the Meningitis Vaccine is now a state requirement for all seniors.

In order for a child to be exempt from complying with the minimum immunization requirements for medical or religious reasons, the following certificate/statement must be provided annually to the school. For a religious exemption, the parent/guardian is required to submit a written request for an exemption. Each objected immunization must be specified. The certificate/statement must be in writing, signed by the child’s parent/guardian, and delivered to the school. In the case of a medical exemption, the signature of a physician is required. A medical exemption is a physician’s certification that a particular immunization may be detrimental to the child’s health. The objection must state in writing that the child has a medical contraindication to receiving a vaccine. Each contraindicated vaccine must be specified in the physician’s certification.

Download the Health Packet forms below.
Asthma Action Plan Download
Diabetes Action Plan Download
Healthcare Consent Form Download
Prescription Medication Form Download
Seizure Action Plan Download
Severe Allergy Action Plan Download
Vaccine Exemption Form Download

New Concussion & Head Injury Law (IC 20-34-7)

The law “Student Athletes: Concussions and Head Injuries” took effect on July 1, 2012. This new law requires that schools distribute information sheets to inform and educate students, athletes, and parents/guardians concerning the nature and risk of concussion, including the risks of continuing play or an activity after concussion or head injury. The law requires that each school year, the parent/guardian and student sign a Concussion Acknowledgement and Signature Form which acknowledges receipt of concussion information. The law further states that a high school student who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice, game, or activity shall be removed from play at the time of injury and may not return to the practice, game, or activity for no less than 24 hours and until the student has received a written clearance from a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussions and head injuries. This law pertains to both interscholastic and intramural sports. Since we offer intramural sports, as well as many other activities, all students and parents/guardians must sign and return this form along with their health packet.