Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Days are designed to offer students in the 6th through 10th grade the opportunity to spend the day exploring a single subject with some of our outstanding faculty. These programs are interactive and allow you to experience an Indiana Academy class. An optional tour of the Academy is offered at the conclusion of each Enrichment Day.

November 10World Language Bonanza
November 17World Language Bonanza
April 29Reading & Writing Poems
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Reading and Writing Poems:

From 8th Century England and 20th Century Chile to Your Life Here and Now

Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

In this hands-on writing workshop, inspired by the anonymous poets of 8th century England and by modern South American poet Pablo Neruda, you will compose your own poems of praise. You will hear how the English language sounded in the 8th century, learn about why it was so different from the English we speak today, study the poetic forms used by Old English poets, and write original poems. You won’t have to write in a whole new language; you’ll write in the modern English language that we speak today, but you will use some of the elements that made Old English poetry distinctive. Then you’ll study some praise poems by Pablo Neruda, translated from Spanish, and you’ll use his example to try a different kind of praise poem. Neruda wrote poems in praise of tomatoes, laziness, and his socks. What will you praise?

Please note that students should bring a sack lunch.