Exceptional Students
Laylani, IASMH Class of 2024

Laylani Class of 2024

Laylani (Class of 2024) is passionate about science and her community. After joining the Indiana Academy from Marion, Indiana, she dove headfirst into all the opportunities offered.

Laylani’s reasoning for attending the Academy revolved around her desire to grow as an individual and as a student. She noted how the Academy provides her with a more in-depth education while also shaping her to be a productive member of society. Through wellness programs, volunteer activities, and leadership roles, Laylani gained more experiences than she even imagined.

Outside of her academics, Laylani participated in as many extracurriculars as time would allow. Organizations such as the Admissions Ambassadors, Shafer Leadership Academy, Student Equity Council (SEC), and the National Honor Society gave her the hands-on experience she desired to increase her skills through teamwork, coaching, and presenting. Her experience with the Ambassador program allowed her to showcase her love for the Academy and promote the school to prospective students. As a SEC member, Laylani worked with other students to help facilitate a safe environment for all Academy students through events, educational presentations, and group discussions.

Academy students can also create their own clubs and join existing ones, so Laylani decided to join the Key Club as co-president and Latinx Student Union as president. As president, she planned and executed events, promoted her club, and worked diligently to make sure students felt included both in and out of the club. Laylani also participated in athletics as a varsity soccer player and cheerleader. During her time at the Academy, Laylani learned to stay disciplined both academically and physically. With her workload, it was important to stick to her routines.

“I think something big about being here is learning the types of routines that work best for you and how to divide up your time,” said Laylani.

After graduation, Laylani will attend either Earlham College or Saint Mary’s on a full scholarship. She is planning to either continue with cheerleading or run track and field. Laylani also wants to pursue her passion for science by double majoring in psychology with a focus on developmental and educational psychology and biochemistry on a pre-med track, ultimately leading to her goal of obtaining her MD-Ph.D.

Laylani lives by the philosophy that your past does not define you. She encourages students to keep improving yourself whether it be academically, physically, or emotionally. She thanks the Academy for helping her grow as an individual and young professional. Living in the residence hall allowed her to learn to live with another individual and develop better routines. The rigorous academics taught her discipline and better study habits. Laylani never stopped improving while attending the Academy and doesn’t intend to stop now.