Exceptional Students
Logan, IASMH Class of 2024

Logan Class of 2024

Logan (Class of 2024) is a math and technology whiz who is passionate about collaboration. He has interests ranging from mathematics and robotics to mentorship and service. As a peer assistant (PA), Academy ambassador, and co-president of the National Honors Society (NHS), Logan maintains a busy schedule while still making time for his classes and hobbies.

Logan is from Rolling Prairie, IN where he first gained experience in robotics and engineering. For eight years, he participated in the 4H electrical division where he built and programmed different types of robotics such as a Tetris-playing arcade machine. He also competed in the First Robotics Competition (FRC) for seven years as an engineer which involved wire management for robots. At his previous school in Rolling Prairie, Logan worked in the school’s technology department where he updated systems and took inventory of iPads to make sure they worked.

Along with robotics, Logan has a passion for mathematics and has taken nearly every mathematics class offered. His post-graduate plans include engineering, so he has been serious about his math classes.

“You take more math to do less math,” Logan explained.

He finds that the more math he takes, the simpler it makes his life. He also takes lots of science and engineering courses because he enjoys the hands-on approach that the Academy uses.

When Logan is not in class, he is playing Dungeons and Dragons, building robots, or running Study Buddies. As the co-president of NHS, it is Logan’s responsibility to run a few projects, one being Study Buddies, which he took over this year. Study Buddies is a program where studies can be paired with each other to focus solely on studying or doing homework. It works as an accountability system for students who may desire extra support. Logan also oversaw approving and facilitating NHS members’ proposals as each member must complete a service project.

As an Academy student, Logan feels he is ultimately prepared for post-high school graduate life. He chose to attend the Academy after learning about it from his father and did not regret his decision even though he was nervous to leave behind his life at his previous school. Logan noted the community feel that the school provides, where he can talk to anyone and not worry about the judgment of others. His time here has allowed him to develop healthy living habits, proper time-management, and better social skills.

Logan lives by his philosophy that working hard will always get the best results.

“If I work hard enough, I’ll be able to get anywhere I want,” he said.

While Logan puts a heavy amount of work on his plate, you will always see him with a smile on his face and a positive attitude.