April 2017 News

Students Serve as House Pages

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Academy students in the House Chamber
Indiana Academy students listen in the House Chamber at the Indiana Statehouse.

Academy students had the opportunity to serve as House Pages on April 10th at the Indiana Statehouse. Students selected to serve as pages were: Sophia Arnold, Allison Balmer, Angela Cardwell, Taylor Chambers, Toby Holman, Katey Kaiser, and Jasmine Miller. As pages, the students toured the Statehouse including the chambers of the Indiana House and Senate and the Indiana Supreme Court. The pages also witnessed a floor session, met their representatives, and assisted representatives with tasks.

Students Place First in Coding Competition

Friday, March 24, 2017

Academy seniors, Steven O’Riley and Melanie Goldstone, won first place in the Blackford Coding Competition. Their winning score was 484 out of 500 total points with the second-place team only receiving a score of 200 out of the 500 points.

Teams consisted of no more than three students with 55 total students in the competition that was held on March 18 at Blackford County High School in Hartford City. There were three levels of questions with fifteen total questions to be programmed in a span of two hours. Only three teams were able to complete the programming for all of the questions. O’Riley and Goldstone each received a new laptop for their first-place finish.

National German Exam Results

Friday, March 24, 2017

Sixteen students recently received certificates and medals after taking the National German Exam. The exam is taken by students in their second year of German. The following students received certificates and medals:

Gold Silver Bronze
Harrison Hart Alexa Madden Rae Handy
Nicholas David Jacob White Katelyn Zachary
Jacob Barbour Justin Rudecki Nicholas Shaw
Madison Porter Cameron Maxey Frances Percell
Grace Meier Tyler Miller
Anke Rudloff
Nils Hinniger

Academy Students Serve as Senate Pages

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Indiana Academy students at the Indiana statehouse

On March 22, a group of Indiana Academy students served as Senate Pages at the Indiana Statehouse.

The students who served as pages, pictured above with Senator Lanane, are (L to R) Angela Cardwell, Isabelle Turner, Rachael Snow, Amy Gong, Toby Holman, Samantha Williams, Meagan Aldridge, Taylor Chambers, Minna Zheng, and Jarod Saxberg. (Not pictured above: Pauleina Brunnemer, Amy Lee, Grace Moore, and Conner Richmond)

In addition to touring the historical Statehouse which includes the House and Senate Chambers, the Supreme Court, and the Governor’s Office, pages had the opportunity to observe the legislative session directly from the Statehouse floor as well as meet and assist their senators with tasks.

  • Toby Holman with Senator Buck
    Toby Holman with Senator Buck
  • Samantha Williams with Senator Charbonneau
    Samantha Williams with Senator Charbonneau
  • Amy Gong with Senator Crane
    Amy Gong with Senator Crane
  • Amy Lee with Senator Eckerty
    Amy Lee with Senator Eckerty
  • Grace Moore with Senator Koch
    Grace Moore with Senator Koch
  • Rachael Snow with Senator Lanane
    Rachael Snow with Senator Lanane
  • Minna Zheng with Senator Lanane
    Minna Zheng with Senator Lanane
  • Pauleina Brunnemer with Senator Smith
    Pauleina Brunnemer with Senator Smith
  • Conner Richmond with Senator Smith
    Conner Richmond with Senator Smith
  • Taylor Chambers with Senator Walker
    Taylor Chambers with Senator Walker
  • Meagan Aldridge with Senator Zay
    Meagan Aldridge with Senator Zay

Japanese Speech Contest Results

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Congratulations to Mary Pennington for her work at the Japanese speech contest at the Chicago Japanese Consulate on March 25. She won second place out of the total ten high school students selected to participate from across the Midwest. This year, unlike past years, high school students were grouped into one category regardless of how many years of Japanese study. Therefore she was competing against students who studied Japanese all four years at high school. This is Indiana Academy’s first top ranking in some years, so it is an honor for the Academy and a testimony to Mary’s hard work.

Mary Pennington was selected as one of ten high school students across the Midwest to speak at Chicago’s Japanese Consulate-sponsored speech contest. Mary Pennnington and Van Vandergriff were our entrants this year, and this year more applicants than usual were screened. It is a remarkable achievement with only 2 years of Japanese study, as they were up against students with four years of Japanese study. Mary will be going to Chicago on March 25 to give her speech at the Japanese Consulate.

Van Vandergriff successfully passed Level 4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in Dec. 2016. The JLPT is an overall Japanese proficiency exam taken for admission to colleges and companies, with JLPT Level 1 being the highest (native speaker). This test is extremely difficult, and although Level 1 is the highest level, Level 4 is approximate to 4 years of Japanese high school study.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, Japanese students also went to DePauw University to participate in the Japan Olympiad of Indiana, a trivial quiz bowl competition on Japanese language and cultural knowledge. This was the Indiana Academy’s first appearance in several years. They faced close to 30 teams from 9 different schools. The teams were divided by level (years) of Japanese study. We had two Level II teams (2nd year students) and one Level III team (Directed Studies students). All of our teams placed into finals, which consisted of the top 3 teams in each level. In an unusual turn of events, our two Level II teams both tied for the finals, and had to face off each other. As a result, our Level II team achieved 2nd place and our Level III team achieved 3rd place.

Level II: Finals runner up
Jenny Thach (team captain)
Emma Elmore
Luke Swartz

Level II: Finals contestants, Second Place
Anthony Phan (team captain)
Gretchen Andreasen
Jack Cook

Level III: Finals contestants, Third Place
Van Vandergriff (team captain)
Mary Pennington
Taylor Hunt

Students Attend BPA Leadership Conference

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Indiana Academy had 10 students attend the 50th Indiana Business Professionals of America State Leadership Conference on Sunday March 12th. Our students competed against schools from across the state in various business oriented events. The results for our students are as follows:

EventTeam MembersPlacement
Financial AnalystAngela Cardwell
Ben Hiatt
Global MarketingHannah Komanapalli
Ritika Mehta
Economic ResearchJuliana Qin
Kole McGinn
Isaac Taylor
Web Site DesignRitika Mehta
Nicholas Shaw
Zackary Swoboda
Extemporaneous SpeechZachary Swoboda5th
Word ProcessingKatherine Klamer8th

Envirothon Team Heading to State Tournament

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Academy’s Envirothon teams finished in first and second place at the Regional competition held Wednesday, March 15 at Hayes Arboretum, and both teams have qualified to proceed to the State Tournament being held on April 26th in Southern Indiana.

Students Selected for Prestigious Science Camp

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hannah Komanapalli and Isabelle Turner, Academy seniors, were recently selected to represent Indiana at this year’s National Youth Science Camp (NYSC). NYSC is a residential science education program for young STEM enthusiasts the summer after they graduate from high school. Applicants had to demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, leadership in school and community activities, and a genuine interest in the sciences. Two students from each state and Washington, D.C. were chosen to attend the camp at no cost this summer in West Virginia. Students will be challenged academically in exciting lectures and hands-on studies, and they will also have voluntary opportunities to participate in an outdoor adventure program.

The National Youth Science Camp is made possible through the planning and fundraising of the National Youth Science Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to honor, sustain, and encourage youth interest and excellence in science by conducting comprehensive informal science education programs that provide opportunity for constructive interaction with others and emphasize the social value of thoughtful scientific careers.

“Growing our students’ passion for subjects such as science, technology, engineering, and math is so vital to the future success of the students and our state,” said Dr. Jennifer McCormick, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. “I congratulate Hannah and Isabelle and am grateful for their opportunity to join such an amazing group of talented students to share ideas and learn.”

Read more here.

2017 Indiana Academic All-Star

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hannah Komanapalli has been chosen as one of the 2017 Indiana Academic All-Stars by the Indiana Association of School Principals. She will be recognized at a luncheon ceremony at the Indiana Roof Ballroom on April 25th. Komanapalli identified Mike Mayfield, Instructor of Life Sciences, as her most influential school employee, and Mayfield will also be recognized at the program.

The Indiana Academic All-Stars program recognizes 40 seniors each year and 40 additional Regional Winners. Students are selected based on their SAT/ACT test scores, participation in various scholastic events as well as other criteria. Komanapalli continues a string of multiple Academy students who have been recognized for this honor over the years.

Chemistry Olympiad Winners

Monday, March 13, 2017

Indiana Academy placed third overall in the Indiana Section for the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad held on March 4. First place for our team was Michael Hu, and his name will be placed on a plaque in Burris Laboratory School. In addition, Hu and Andrew Quest have been invited to sit for the National Chemistry Olympiad exam in April. The national exam, a highly competitive qualifying examination, will determine those going to the summer boot camp for selection to the International Chemistry Olympiad team.