Course Syllabi 2022-2023

Below are the syllabi for each course offered at the Indiana Academy, sorted by the last name of the instructor. Beside each instructor’s name is a listing of courses taught by that individual. Click on a course to download a copy of the syllabus.

Fall 2022
Arnold, Thomas American History 1492-1876
Exploring U.S. Government
Office Hours
Cunningham, Susie AP Computer Science A
Computer Applications
Introduction to Programming
Projects in Engineering
Visual Programming
Office Hours
Edrington, Jessica Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry 1
AP Calculus BC
Foltz, Kim AP Calculus AB 1
AP Calculus BC 2
Haynes, David American Literature
Global Cinema
Hook, Krista AP Physics 1
Conceptual Physics
General Physics
The Solar System
Lobo, Phillip American Literature
Creative Writing
Marsh, John American History 1492-1876
History of World Religions
Office Hours
Myers, Mark American History 1492-1876
Survey of Economics
Nagelkirk, Stephanie African-American Literature
Norton, ChristyAnn AP Chemistry
Pilla, Michael Pre-Calculus
Riley, Meghan American Literature
Speculative Fiction
Rogers, Heather German 1A
German 2A
Russian 1A
Ruark, Joshua Calculus
Discrete Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Schuh, Steve AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
Scott, Sean American History 1492-1876
The West in the World
Slocum, Maria Colloquia
French I
French II
Smith, Bob Advanced Spanish
Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 102
Smith, Jeff AP Biology
Principles of Biology 1
Principles of Biology 2
Walwema, Godfrey General Physics
Winslow, Donald Human Anatomy
Wright, Megan Precalculus for AP Course Schedule
Precalculus for AP Syllabus
Statistics Assignment Schedule
Statistics Syllabus