Course Syllabi 2023-2024

Below are the syllabi for each course offered at the Indiana Academy, sorted by the last name of the instructor. Beside each instructor’s name is a listing of courses taught by that individual. Click on a course to download a copy of the syllabus.

Fall 2023
Arnold, Thomas American History 1492-1876
Social History of Art
Asante, Joseph Precalculus
Cunningham, Susie AP Computer Science A
Digital Applications
Intro to Engineering
Office Hours
Edrington, Jessica AP Calculus BC
Fetters, Jason Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Foltz, Kim AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus AB Assignments
AP Calculus BC
AP Calculus BC Assignments
Haynes, David American Literature
Global Cinema
Junior Colloquium
Lost Generation Literature
Hook, Krista AP Physics 1
General Physics
The Solar System
Kavars, Dain Sophomore Colloquium
Lobo, Phillip American Literature
Creative Writing
Junior Colloquia
Speculative Fiction
Marsh, John Exploring American Government: U.S. Constitution
Mayfield, Mike Human Anatomy
Myers, Joshua American Literature (Sections 1 & 2)
American Literature (Sections 3 & 4)
American Literature (Sections 5 & 6)
Creative Writing
Myers, Mark American History 1492-1876
Survey of Economics
Nagelkirk, Stephanie Women’s Literature
Norton, Chris AP Chemistry
General Chemistry
Pyo, Jeongsoo ESL Composition
Korean Culture
Korean I
Roberson, Corby American Literature
Rogers, Heather German I
German II
Russian I
Russian II
Ruark, Joshua Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry
Linear Algebra
Scott, Sean American History 1492-1876
The West in the World
Slocum, Maria Colloquia
French I
Intermediate French
Smith, Jeff Field Botany (Quarter 1)
Intro to Horticulture (Quarter 2)
Walwema, Godfrey General Physics (Dual Credit)
General Physics
Winslow, Donald AP Biology (Section I)
AP Biology (Section II)
AP Environmental Science