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Indiana residents may apply as residential or non-residential (commuter) students. Applying to the Indiana Academy is free, and students should submit their application during their sophomore year in high school. If you miss the priority or regular admissions deadlines, we may continue to review applications and keep a waitlist if space is still available.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are living outside of the United States or living in the United States under a VISA, please contact Brandy Reichle at 765-285-8130 or at for how to apply as an International Student.

Application Deadlines

Once you start an online application, it will be saved so you can return to complete it in multiple sessions. Make sure you take your time with the essay responses and that you are thoroughly answering the questions. We will begin reviewing your application as soon as you have completed and submitted though, so don’t take too long to finish it!

Application Deadlines
Priority Deadline
January 6, 2021
Regular Deadline
April 17, 2021
Note: There is a $100 enrollment deposit due after you are admitted to the Academy, and it is applied to your total school fees.

Decision Notification

Admission to the Indiana Academy is selective and based upon previous academic records, recommendations, and student short-answer essays. Completed applications are reviewed by select members of the Academy faculty and administration. Once a completed application is submitted, you can track the progress of your application inside the Applicant Portal.

If you have any problems (forgot your password, technology issue, error messages, etc.) or questions about the application, please contact or call 800-316-3163.