Extracurricular Activities

Student activities include: Indiana High School Athletic Association interscholastic and intramural athletics; a variety of special interest groups, from the Environmental Club to Business Professionals of America and Future Healthcare Professionals; an open gym recreation time with various activities twice a week; a variety of bands, including jazz and orchestra; and Student Parliament. Cultural and recreational opportunities abound on the Ball State University campus and are woven into the daily and weekend activities of the Academy community.

Intramural activities change each year but may include the following:

Ultimate FrisbeeIndoor SoccerSand VolleyballSwimming
Ping PongSoftballBowlingFrisbee Golf

Clubs vary from year to year based on student interest. All clubs are student organized and students must have a professional staff/faculty member to sponsor and help form their club. The Indiana Academy averages approximately 30-40 different clubs per year.

2023-2024 Indiana Academy Clubs
All Sorts of Sports ClubThe purpose of this club is to teach and learn about all sorts of different sports. Most importantly to have fun! We will meet and play sports at each club meeting.
Art ClubThe purpose of this club is to hang out for an hour and do something creative! Sometimes it can be hard to regularly engage in a creative outlet when so much is happening in your life, so it’s nice to have a designated time every week! Plus, people who like making art can connect with each other there.
Art Production ClubPursue of producing a bigger and more richful art project through gathering more people and exhibit and joint art competition.
Asian Student Union (ASU)The purpose of this club is to create an environment that offers inclusion to Asian diverse communities. We also share Asian culture to others through events, presentations, food, etc. This year, we plan on collaborating with the International Director to help them fit into the new environment.
BETA ClubTravel to state and national conventions as well as a leadership summit. Run candidates for office, compete in a wide array of competitions, and strive to follow the BETA motto, “Let us lead by serving others.”
Bible Study ClubThe purpose of this club is to have fellowship with one another, reading the Bible, and having discussions about the readings.
Black Student Union (BSU)To make others aware of black culture and educate about inclusive behaviors, and to have a space where students feel safe and can share their experiences. And help in preventing that kind of discrimination. Also to have fun in creating educational activities for the Academy.
Board Game ClubTo enjoy card and board games to create bonds and friendships.
Business ClubThe purpose of this club is to improve students’ understanding and knowledge about the business through weekly meetings. We will learn specific knowledge about…
Chess ClubTo develop skills in chess through local play and competition.
Chinese Language ClubThis club will focus on exposing Chinese culture and languages to its members. We hope to give everyone a deeper understanding of the many customs and vast languages that exist within the Chinese community.
Colorguard ClubLearn and practice fundamentals of color guard. This includes dancing (ballet/contemporary), “spinning” equipment (flag, rifle, sabre), & most importantly have fun 😀
Comedy Sportz ClubComedy Sportz is a national organization with professional and high school leagues. It is comedy/improv played as a competition, and is great for teaching public speaking, improv, and stage fright.
Cozy Gaming ClubProvide a friendly, relaxing atmosphere to decompress and chat with others who have a shared interest in games as well as providing a space for people to create and enjoy multiplayer games/sessions.
DECATo encourage and build business and communication skills as well as foster an entrepreneurial spirit through practices and competitions. To introduce students to the world of business and the level of professionalism that many careers will utilize. To prepare students with real-world business role-play experience and business knowledge.
Encode JusticeEncode Justice is an international organization with chapters across the U.S. States and other countries. The overall goal of the organization is to build a global, youth-led movement for human-centered technology and artificial intelligence.
French ClubEmpowering cultural exploration and language appreciation, our French Club aims to create a vibrant community where members can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of French language, history, and traditions.
History ClubThe purpose of this club is to share the wonders of history with classmates, prepare programs, and partake in the North Indiana/ International History Bee and Bowl.
IA Core Issue Newspaper ClubTo inform & educate the student body on what’s going on around the world. Students who are part of the club will be able to write about topics important to them (with approval from SLC Tori), and their article will be published on the CORE Issue Newspaper Website.
Innovation ClubUsing creative thinking skills and innovative entrepreneurship- style thinking, and to create a student body that can solve school, local, national, and international problems and issues. Compete in innovation competitions such as the conrad challenge.
Japan ClubThe purpose of this club is to promote the understanding and appreciation of Japanese language and culture.
Key ClubThis is a club entirely committed to serving the community as well as our school, while offering students an incentive of community service hours.
Literature & Literary Analysis Club
  1. Read and appreciate works of literature.
  2. Create and share works of literature.
  3. Analyze and discuss literary tropes, characters, and other parts of stories.
LSU, Latinx Student UnionThe purpose of this club is to help inform others of the culture, provide a home for Academy students, and share the love for Latin origin/descent. We will pride ourselves with unity and a supportive environment at all times.
Middle Eastern-North African Student Union (MENASU)The purpose of MENASU is to educate people about Middle East and North African culture by hosting events and programs that people can attend to learn more about that part of the world, as well as to provide an open space for everyone to be a part of.
Model United NationsMUN Club is an academic simulation that is based on activites of the United Nations. The simulation allows students to role-play as you discuss and debate significant global events and crisis. They learn and put into practice debate, compromise, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills.
Movie MockeryA club for students who love to watch bad movies. Club members are encouraged to talk, joke, and mock all shown movies.
Philosophy ClubRead, learn, and discuss philosophy.
Phyxt Gears RoboticsInvolve Indiana Academy kids within the world of Robotics. Learn engineering skills, programming skills, leadership skills, and much more within this club.
Piece of Mind (Puzzle Club)Piece of Mind provides students with an opportunity to relax after doing work and connect with others. There will be open puzzle time (everyone + club) and will be club-only competitions – possibly competing as a team in outside tournaments.
Ping-Pong ClubIn this club you will hang out with peers and have fun playing ping-pong. Also, try to become the 2023/2024 ping-pong champion of IASMH!
Premier League ClubWatch and analyze soccer games from the English premier league and other leagues across Europe to spread cultures from other parts of the world as well as promoting diversity in sports.
Roblox ClubTo play roblox!
Social Issues Book Club Presented by SECTo create a safe space for students to express their opinions/thoughts over a variety of social issues happening in our country. Topics such as LGBTQ rights, Black rights, and women rights will be discussed. This monthly book club invites all students to read and discuss. Professor Nagelkirk will select appropriate texts for the club to read.
Spell Bowl (& other academic teams)Learn new vocabulary, create friendships, and prepare collectively for a district competition using a predetermined list of words. It is also possible to qualify for a state competition.
Technology Student AssociationThe Technology Student Association (TSA) enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM. TSA is a national, non-profit organization of high school and middle school students who are engaged in STEM.
Tight KNIT CommunityA place for people to come together and craft. Students can bring their projects and chat! Projects can be done alone or with the help of other members.
TTRPG ClubThe purpose of this club is to play TTRPG’s and hopefully promote expanding people’s gaming horizons.
Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Fun (UFUF)The purpose of this club is to spread the fun that ultimate frisbee has to offer. It is also a great way to exercise.
Yoga ClubThe purpose of Yoga Club is to give people an opportunity to try out yoga or participate in yoga with their peers. It is a way for people to move their bodies and get physical hours.