Extracurricular Activities

Student activities include: Indiana High School Athletic Association interscholastic and intramural athletics; a variety of special interest groups, from the Environmental Club to Business Professionals of America and Future Healthcare Professionals; an open gym recreation time with various activities twice a week; a variety of bands, including jazz and orchestra; and Student Parliament. Cultural and recreational opportunities abound on the Ball State University campus and are woven into the daily and weekend activities of the Academy community.

Intramural activities change each year but may include the following:

Ultimate FrisbeeIndoor SoccerSand VolleyballSwimming
Ping PongSoftballBowlingFrisbee Golf

Clubs vary from year to year based on student interest. All clubs are student organized and students must have a professional staff/faculty member to sponsor and help form their club. The Indiana Academy averages approximately 30-40 different clubs per year.

2020-2021 Indiana Academy Clubs
Black Student UnionWe want to provide a safe space for all people of color where they feel welcome and heard. We also want to bring awareness to black issues in society and celebrate black culture.
ImprovA comedy acting group that doesn’t use a script and performs at the Academy.
KPOP Dance ClubWe’ll learn and perform dances from KPOP songs!
Russian and German ClubTo inform the student body about Russian and German culture. Meetings will include Russian and German Films as well as information about Culture and Lifestyle.
Bring Change to MindMental health awareness club, helping students through the struggle of everyday and personal life, while reminding students of their worth and promoting growth.
HOSATo learn more in the medical field and compete with other schools at HOSA state.
Sip N’ ChatThe purpose of this club is to provide students with a safe and peaceful environment in this stressful environment. With COVID, school and our current political climate, I feel it is important to provide people with an environment they can feel safe in.
Chess ClubChess Club is a competition-based club where students learn to lose gracefully. No matter the skill level, everyone will lose. Through the chess, students will learn how to come with occasional failure and how to apply it to their daily lives.
Dead (and Alive) Poets SocietyJoin to read, write, share, and listen to all kinds of poetry.
Yoga ClubHelp unwind from the stress of school; Get good aerobic exercise to maintain a healthy body.
Model UNTo facilitate an opportunity for students to participate in Model United Nations, an organization that introduces diplomacy, leadership and speech skills to students of all skill levels.
MagicThe purpose of the club is to teach, engage, and play with all those who want to experience Magic.
Key ClubTo provide high school students an opportunity to practice leadership through service and volunteerism.
Dance ClubTo learn all types of choreography. We would learn from a variety of studios and choreographers. We would also trach others how to dance.
SpectrumTo create a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals and to teach people about the history, culture and ongoing issues of the community to spread awareness and knowledge.
Robotics ClubWe help students develop their interest in STEM, as well as foster students’ leadership and team effectiveness skills by building robots and competing in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition)competitions.
Asian Student UnionASU wants to promote diversity and educate the academy student body about Asian heritage.
Environmental ClubTo raise awareness about environmental issues as well as actively work to improve the world we live in.
TSAA club based in competition against other schools surrounding technology and the future.
Women Advocating for Political Debate SocietyEmpowering women-identifying people in political discourse and education of political issues.
Chess ClubAt Chess Club, we teach the importance of working as team and how to lose with honor.
LatinX Student AllianceLSA’s mission is to increase awareness by educating the community about the Hispanic and LatinX community such as foods, traditions, and music through weekly programs, tailings, and special events.
Filmmaking ClubOur club will be a space where people passionate or simply just interested alike make films as well as learn more about the process together.
Beta ClubA club which promotes service and leadership skills through competitive talent competitions ranging from the arts, including visual and musical, to engineering to academic testing to even marketing.
Girl TalkThis club hopes to empower young women through meaningful discussions about problems in teen life in the transition to adulthood.
Tabletop Role Playing Games ClubTo educate people about all manner of TTRPGs and to help academites find groups to play with.
Claim your CampusClaim your campus is a diverse group of teens who love Jesus. We are active in each other lives and our community. We are committed to using our God given gifts and talents to minister to others.
Poker ClubTo teach people a fun, complex game without any gambling. I will present different strategies and techniques for the game as well as everything you need to know to play.
Spanish ClubTo give students a stress free and judgement free place to practice and improve their Spanish and learn about Hispanic culture.
Indie Music ClubA Club where students can come together to listen, discuss, and review music from major and independent artists.
Intersection Feminist ClubA safe place to discuss and inform about societal issues impacting the gender spectrum and other issues such as race, color, class, and sexuality.
Rooting for You ClubThe Main purpose of this club is to prove that we can provide food to community while still respecting the environment.
Photography ClubOur goal is to take some photos at events for a possible yearbook or slideshow.