The Academy Mission


Established by the Indiana legislature in 1988, the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities is operated by Ball State University as a school devoted to the education of students who demonstrate extraordinary intellectual ability and a commitment to scholarship. The philosophy of Indiana Academy originates from the proposition that a society in which justice is a prime concern ordinarily tries to provide educational opportunities appropriate to the expressed ability and potential development of as many sorts of citizens as possible.

To the extent that a society entitles persons with this right, it justly expects that they will subsequently function as good citizens, discharging their public as well as private responsibilities with distinction. As a consequence of its enabling legislation and basic philosophy, Indiana Academy is dedicated to inspiring and challenging highly gifted young adults to reach their full personal potential within the framework of the common good.


The Indiana Academy has two purposes which are central to our institutional mission. First, we provide a physical, intellectual, and social environment in which students with exceptional academic ability can thrive in an appropriately exceptional learning community.

Second, we serve Indiana as a state-wide center for gifted education so that pupils all across the state can have access to the programs and resources appropriate to their abilities. Through the latest advances in interactive telecommunications technology, the development and dissemination of innovative curricula, applied research in gifted education, and in-service education of teachers, Indiana Academy strives to stimulate vitality in educational programs for academically gifted secondary pupils and their teachers.


Our curriculum is designed to enable our students to understand the past, investigate the present, and plan the future. Traditional liberal arts and sciences are emphasized in required course work, and individual inquiry and discovery are stressed through elective studies, independent study, and research and practical experience. The resulting harmony of rigor, challenge, and inspiration in the study of our scientific and cultural heritage, combined with the freedom to explore new horizons of knowledge, produces an intellectual environment in which Indiana Academy students learn to think creatively, communicate clearly, and act responsibly in an increasingly complex global society.

The methods and materials for instruction are selected for the promise they show in both exciting the imagination and disciplining the mind. Tradition is blended with innovation. Lectures and discussions in both advanced level Indiana Academy courses and university level courses are combined with seminars, colloquia, independent study and research, and apprenticeships with researchers and practitioners in various professions.


To prepare our students for an increasingly diverse world, we are committed to creating innovative programs and practices that attract, retain, and nurture a diverse community and foster an environment that enables all who contribute to excel in a diverse culture.

We are committed to building a diverse applicant pool of students, and we value the diversity found in our faculty, staff, and students. The more diverse that faculty/staff are, the more likely all students will be exposed to a wider range of scholarly perspectives and ideas drawn from a variety of life experiences. All students benefit from a diverse community, and having faculty/staff that students identify with greatly improves their educational outcomes.