Tutoring Information

Tutoring Services are available to Academy students. Seniors who have taken a specific class are recommended by the instructor of that class as potential tutors. Juniors may be recommended as potential tutors at midterm of the fall semester. Tutors may receive Academy Service credit for the time tutoring, or they may sign up for a .5 credit class. Requirements for the class option include mandatory attendance at bimonthly meetings of tutors and the completion of 18 hours of tutoring during the semester registered for the class.

Students can voluntarily request tutoring in one or more subjects, or a teacher may notify the Office of Academic Guidance that a student needs tutoring. Students on Academic Probation may be required to have a tutor for the subject(s) failed.

Tutoring services are coordinated by the Graduate Assistant in the Office of Academic Guidance and is supervised by the Assistant Director of Academic Guidance.

To request tutoring, or if you have questions, please contact the Office of Academic Guidance. The phone number is 765-285-8108.