Mental Health Services


The purpose of the Indiana Academy is to provide a physical, intellectual, and social environment in which students with exceptional academic ability can thrive in an appropriate learning community. Our objective is to provide a caring, secure learning environment for all students. In order to help students thrive, the Academy provides a variety of programs and services that promote wellness and help to prevent emotional and mental distress.

Emotional & Mental Health Services

Counseling services are available in-house and through agencies in the community on a one-time or continuing basis. Counseling services are provided primarily by the Assistant Director of Mental Health and Support Services, as well as through the Assistant Director of Academic Guidance, the Director of Residential and Student Affairs, Associate Director of Residential and Student Affairs, and the Student Life Counselors.

Confidentiality Statement: In most cases, the content of counseling sessions is confidential, as directed by state law. Information obtained in a counseling relationship will not be released to a third party without appropriate authorization. Exceptions to this are those mandated by state law pertaining to student safety and any reports of child abuse.