Coping Corner

Here at the Office of Mental Health and Support Services, we know taking care of yourself can be difficult, especially during a pandemic. This website is intended to serve as a resource by providing you with a variety of tools that you can use to navigate self-care in different aspects of your life. These resources are not meant to replace therapy or other professional support.

Coping Skills/Self-Help

Calm Meditation, sleep, and relaxation app

Relax Melodies

Western Carolina University Self-Help Resources

Go Ask Alice! Columbia University

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Relaxation Resources Dartmouth

TIPP Skills

Grounding Resources

4 Square Breathing

Manage stress workbook – workbook for students to use as they reflect and work through their stress


iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch   |   Android/Google Play

Provides relaxation and meditation to help improve your sleep and reduce stress with music and melodies.

Provides animations to help your breathing.

Insight Timer
Provides guided meditations, music, and talks with the largest library of guided meditations.

Smiling Mind
Spend 10 minutes a day practicing meditation and mindfulness.

Relax Melodies
Melodies that make you feel sleepy.

Prana Breath
Calm and Meditate: Breathing techniques to increase mindfulness.

Not OK
Drops your location to your “trusted contacts” when you indicate you are in trouble and need support.

UCLA Mindfulness
Provides instant access to a library of mindfulness medications that can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

Virtual Hope Box Download | Download
Helps users recall the positive parts of their life in addition to offering distractions.

3 Good Things
Allows users to journal about positive events in their day, as well as share these events with others.

Provides suggested activities for stress relief, productivity, relationships, and general health; helps users create positive habits.

Daily self care is finally fun- take care of your pet by taking care of yourself.

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