Service + Wellness

Academy Service

Cooperative living and shared responsibility in the Indiana Academy’s residential community is fostered through the Academy Service program. A total of thirty (30) Academy Service hours must be earned by each student to fulfill the graduation requirement. The hours must be earned over the course of both the junior and senior years. Each student is independently responsible for securing Academy service hours. Academy Service Forms are used by the students to document work completed. The person supervising the service hours must sign the form and then the student is to turn in the form to his/her custodial Student Life Counselor for documentation and tracking in the PowerSchool database system.

Community Service

Every Academy student must perform fifty (50) hours of Community Service as a graduation requirement. Community Service activities must occur after admission to the Academy and prior to graduation. Community Service is a non-paid experience in an approved activity that is beneficial to others and society. This service must not be used to apply for any other type of credit (e.g. Boy Scouts, class credit). Also, the service may not occur under the supervision of any relatives, including step and in-law relatives. The service cannot be completed online. Students may choose more than one agency at a hometown location, in Muncie, or at a location of his/her choice to complete the service. All service must be pre-approved by the Associate Director of Residential and Student Affairs or must be at a location listed on the Pre-Approved Site list (see below). All paperwork must be filed with the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Residential and Student Affairs. Students are encouraged to complete their Community Service obligations during the summer to avoid conflict with academic responsibilities. For service completed between the dates of May 1st to September 30th (including the summer) the forms are due on October 1st. Forms are due May 1st for service completed October 2nd through April 30th. Students may still turn in their service if either deadline is missed, but will be awarded only half the number of hours submitted. Community Service forms can be found on this website under the Forms section. All additional information regarding Community Service will be made available to students during the first weeks of school.

Community Service Opportunities

The Muncie Mission
The Muncie Mission is always looking for volunteers and donations. Please contact Missy Ellis at 288-9122, ext. 225 for more information.

Pre-Approved Community Service Sites
Humane Society/ SPCA
Soup Kitchens
Salvation Army
Nursing Homes
Non-secular Facilities
Educational Outreach
Government/Social Services
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Homeless Shelters
Habitat for Humanity
Academic Tutoring
Literacy Projects
Day Cares
Coaching Sports Teams
Physician Offices
Camps (as Staff Member)
Note: All work must be unpaid.


The Indiana Academy is committed to providing students with an environment that encourages them to take personal responsibility and to lead healthy lifestyles. The Wellness program at the Academy operates from the standpoint that when any part of an individual is out of balance, it affects the health of the whole.

The Academy recognizes basic wellness dimensions that contribute to a healthy, whole individual when kept in balance. These dimensions consist of the following categories: cultural, diversity, emotional/spiritual, physical, and vocational. The Wellness program requires each student to complete thirty (30) credits over the course of the two years at the Academy. There are four mandatory credits within each dimension and an additional ten credits remain as electives. These credits must be completed to fulfill a graduation requirement. Each semester the Student Life Staff offers over 120 Wellness programs. Students are responsible for reporting and tracking their attendance at Wellness programs by signing the wellness attendance log and also e-mailing their custodial Student Life Counselor who will record the credits in the PowerSchool database system.