2024-2025 Course Catalog

The online course catalog is being updated for the 2024-2025 school year. In the meantime, download a PDF copy of the catalog and check back here for the latest content.


The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities offers a robust college-level curriculum reflecting current Indiana Academic Standards, faculty expertise, and student interest Thus, our curriculum is subject to change as factors, both external and internal, require we revisit, update and/or revise our courses and their descriptions.


Course Title Codes Refers to the type of course:

CL College Level – Uses a college textbook and syllabus

DC Dual Credit – available for Ball State University credit (see Dual Credit)

Prerequisite refers to a course or demonstrated knowledge that is required prior to course enrollment.

Co-requisite refers to courses that are required concurrently.

Consent of Instructor refers to enrollment after review of transcripts and other relevant information by the course instructor.

Placement refers to enrollment after review of transcripts, placement exams, and other relevant information by the Director of Academic Affairs, the appropriate academic division chair, or their designees.

Office of Academic Affairs Personnel

Joel Olufowote, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Affairs

WA 172 | 765-285-4136
Casey Schultz, M.A.
Associate Director of College Counseling and Student Engagement

WA 181 | 765-285-7322
Megan Wright, M.A.
Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Guidance

WA 183 | 765-285-7407
Candace Manship, B.S.
Administrative Coordinator

WA 170 | 765-285-8102
Kimberly Hall, B.S.
Student Information Technology Specialist

WA 182 | 765-285-7872
Mrs. Renee Drumm
Attendance Coordinator

WA 156 | 765-285-8110

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