2024-2025 Course Catalog – Advanced Placement

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What is an AP class?

A number of Indiana Academy classes have been approved through an audit process by The College Board to use the label AP or Advanced Placement These courses are designated as “AP” in the course catalog descriptions Further information about the AP Program can be obtained at apcentral.collegeboard.com.

Note – sign-up for the AP exams occurs the fall for most AP courses There is a penalty charge assessed to the student for changing their AP exam status by dropping the exam or adding the exam after the deadline Watch for announcements on specific dates and deadlines.

AP and College Credit

Students who take an AP exam and earn a score of 3 or higher often receive college credit in that discipline towards their degree at an institution of higher education See TransferIN for more information on how those courses transfer and what score is needed for credits.

Ball State University Courses


Students are expected to complete their graduation requirements by enrollment in Academy classes whenever possible. When an Academy class for a graduation requirement cannot be scheduled due to a conflict, the student may request permission to substitute the credit by auditing an appropriate Ball State University course. The Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Guidance and the Director of Academic Affairs must approve all BSU course substitutions The audit fee and textbook fee for courses that fall in this category will be covered by the Academy.


Indiana Academy students are also provided an opportunity to apply for enrollment in elective Ball State University classes. The student may enroll for college (and Academy) credit at the full BSU tuition rate, or they may audit the course for high school credit only. The student is responsible for all fees and course expenses for BSU elective courses. See the Student Handbook for more detailed information about taking Ball State University courses.

Questions concerning enrolling in Ball State University classes or audit fee procedures should be directed to the Guidance Office.


The following conversion rates will be used for the purpose of converting college level credit to Indiana Academy credit:

University Credit HoursAcademy Credits

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