College and Career Counseling Center

The philosophy for the College and Career Counseling Center at the Indiana Academy is predicated on information, communication and follow through among the three major players in the college search process: students, parents and admissions professionals.

The College and Career Counseling Center at the Indiana Academy is dedicated to helping students to discover “good matches” between their skills and interests and post-secondary institutions. We provide parents with the necessary information regarding college planning and the financial aid process and assist both students and parents with utilizing proper methods of communication and follow through with college admissions professionals.

We understand that each student/family has a unique and individualized journey with their own set of goals and desired outcomes. Our goal is to help unfold and simplify what can be a very complex and daunting process. As students embark on the college search experience we believe it should be one of self discovery, college discovery and empowerment. Both students and parents should utilize the college search and selection process as an opportunity to develop skills, understand roles and achieve goals.

Contact Information:

Casey Schultz
Associate Director of College Counseling and Student Engagement

Office fax: 765-285-9044