BSU Incentives for Academy Students

Indiana Academy Recognition Scholarship

Graduates of the Indiana Academy who apply for admission to BSU will automatically be reviewed for this scholarship; no additional application is needed to be considered. Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of academic background and record of extra-curricular activities. A holistic review is made for each applicant by specific staff within the office of Admissions. Scholarship recipients receive half off tuition, the equivalent of a BSU Presidential Scholarship. The award will be included within your admit packet.

Academy Application Fee Waiver

Academy students apply free to Ball State University. The standard $25 application fee is waived for Academy students who apply to attend BSU. Apply online or obtain an application and Fee Waiver from the College and Career Counseling Center at the Academy!

Exploring Your Major Area of Interest

Ball State offers special opportunities to learn more about academic majors of interest or professions you might be interested in pursuing. Visits are conducted to various departments on campus throughout the school year on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. By attending, you will be able to obtain hands-on experience related to over 170 majors and career fields such as music, medicine, broadcasting, psychology, education, and many more.

Further information including specific dates and exact department visits will be provided at least 3 weeks in advance.

Special Honors College Opportunities

The BSU Honors College is designed to challenge your intellect while providing opportunities to enhance your education. Honors College students engage in demanding course work with stimulating classroom discussions in a vibrant and supportive atmosphere. A personal approach to learning is created where students and professors interact and share ideas. Honors College students experience a small college feeling within a larger university environment from their first day on campus.

During your first semester, you will be matched with a sophomore, junior or senior honors student who will serve as your Peer Mentor in HONORS 100. Your Peer Mentor will guide you and answer questions about getting started at Ball State. As an Honors College student you will work closely with faculty members who are renowned scholars, active researchers, and experienced industry experts. Small classes, seminars, research opportunities, and a capstone senior project combine to make an Honors College education a complete immersive learning experience. The benefits and resources available to an Honors College education are vast and far reaching. To learn more check out

Honors College Admissions

The BSU Honors College utilizes a highly selective admissions process. Given the rigorous and challenging academic nature of the Indiana Academy, BSU has adopted a separate admissions procedure for Academy students who wish to attend the Honors College. Interested Academy students meet with Ball State admissions personnel at the beginning of each school year to learn about the Honors College and obtain an assessment of their qualifications for the Honors College as well as Scholarship Opportunities.

Once admitted to the Honors College, Academy graduates are eligible for several scholarships sponsored by Ball State and its benefactors. You can apply for additional scholarships that may require separate materials other than your application to Ball State. Read the descriptions carefully and contact the Honors College if you have any questions.

Watch For Us Around the Academy

Ball State admissions personnel make frequent visits to the Academy to answer questions and inform students of the opportunities that are available at BSU specifically for Academy graduates. Contact us anytime at 1-800-482-4BSU or visit our website