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You have the power! Don’t be overwhelmed by the seemingly daunting journey that you are embarking upon. While the selection of a college will have lifelong ramifications it is your choice and you should feel empowered!

There are several tasks to be accomplished in the college search and selection process: Explore, Research and Decide. The college search process is one of exploration, not just exploring the vast number of colleges and universities but self-exploration as well. During this process you will learn who you are, what you like and what you don’t like. Don’t worry if what you learn is different than what you think right now! Prepare for the journey and enjoy the exploration. As you continue you will stumble across many colleges some of which you have never considered or even heard of! Keep an open mind and you might be pleasantly surprised where you end up!

When it comes to making the final decision it is important to remember that you are at the center of the entire process and that you must ultimately own your decision. It will be up to you to contact colleges for appointments, register for standardized testing, prepare and submit applications and be responsible for meeting all deadlines and obligations. Once you have explored and researched, the final decision will be yours. One that you will have to live with and embrace. The college search experience will be a positive and growth enhancing journey that you can share with many but finally comes down to you!

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