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Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination against persons with a disability in any program receiving federal financial assistance. In order to fulfill obligations under Section 504, University Schools has the responsibility to avoid discrimination in policies and practices regarding its personnel and students. No discrimination against any person with a disability should knowingly be permitted in any of the programs and practices of the school system.

University Schools has responsibilities under Section 504 which include the obligations to identify, evaluate, and, if the student is determined to be eligible under Section 504, to afford access to appropriate educational services.

If the parent or guardian disagrees with a determination made by the professional staff of the school district, he/she has a right to a hearing with an impartial hearing officer.

If you need any assistance in providing for special educational needs, please feel free to contact Dr. Joel Olufowote, Director of Academic Affairs, 765-285-4136.

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Section 504 Referral ProcessDownload
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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) specifies rights related to educational records. This Act gives the parent or guardian the right to 1) inspect and review their child’s educational records; 2) ask for an amendment to any report on the grounds that it is inaccurate, misleading, or violates the child’s rights; 3) request a hearing on the issue if the school refuses to make the amendment; and 4) consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records. The Academy has established the following information about each student as “directory information” and will make it available upon a legitimate request unless a parent, guardian, or adult student notifies the Director of Academic Affairs within twenty days from the date of this notification that they will not permit distribution of any or all of such information: name, participation in officially recognized activities or athletics, dates of attendance, date of graduation; honors and awards received; and any other information the school considers would not be harmful or an invasion of privacy, if disclosed.

The law allows schools to disclose records, without consent, to the following parties:

  • Parents of a dependent student;
  • School officials with legitimate educational interest;
  • Other schools to which a student is transferring;
  • Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student;
  • Specified officials for audit or evaluations purposes;
  • Organizations conducting certain studies for or on behalf of the school;
  • Accrediting organizations;
  • Individuals who have obtained judicial orders or lawfully issued subpoenas after notice given to families;
  • Appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies; and State and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system, pursuant to specific state laws.

Parents and or students over the age of 18 may file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the School to comply with the requirements of FERPA.

The name and address of the Office that administers FERPA is:
Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education
600 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20202-4605

If there are questions or concerns, please contact the Assistant Director of Academic Guidance, 765-285-8108.

Title IX

Any person may report sexual harassment to the Title IX Coordinator. Reports may be made in person, by regular mail, telephone, electronic mail, or by any other means that results in the Title IX Coordinator receiving the report. In-person reports must be made during normal business hours, but reports can be made online or by regular mail, telephone, or electronic mail at any time, including outside normal business hours.

The name and contact information for the Title IX Coordinator is:

Stephanie Nagelkirk, , 765-285-7411

In addition to reporting to the Title IX Coordinator, any person may report sexual harassment to any employee of the School. When an employee of the School receives information about alleged sexual harassment, they are required to promptly forward all known details of the situation (including the names of the parties, and the time, date, location, and description of the alleged behavior) to the Title IX Coordinator.

The School’s Interim Title IX policy is here: Download Document
The School’s Interim Title IX policy covers complaints against students. Complaints against employees are covered under Ball State University’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

The School’s non-discrimination policy is here: Download Document
The School’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policy covers complaints against students. Complaints against employees are covered under Ball State University’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy.

The School’s Title IX personnel were provided training by The State University of New York Student Conduct Institute:

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