Indiana Academy Summer Camps

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2020 Summer Adventure Camps
NASA Engineering Design Challenge camp

Registration is now open for our Summer Adventure Camps!

Get ready for fun-filled activities all during the month of June that are specifically designed for 4th-6th and 7th-10th graders. Our half-day morning (9 a.m. to Noon) or afternoon (1 to 4 p.m.) camps are $150 for the week, or spend the whole day (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) for the discounted rate of $250 for the entire week. Challenge and Adventure is an all-day camp (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) that is also $250 for the entire week. If you have siblings attending our camps or are a Ball State University employee, you’ll qualify for a discount of $25* off each camp.

Camp registrations close one week prior to the start of the camp.

Register Now and Pay Later!

After registering, you will receive an invoice via email with payment instructions. Payment options include credit card and check and must be received one week prior to the start of the camp. Refunds will only be given if cancellation is in writing two weeks prior to the scheduled camp.

All camp grade-levels are for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

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Monday, June 1 – Friday, June 5, 2020
Grades 4-6
9:00-12:00Fractured Fairy Tales$150Register Now!
1:00-4:00It’s Showtime!$150Register Now!
Grades 7-10
9:00-4:00Challenge and Adventure$250Register Now!
Monday, June 8 – Friday, June 12
Grades 4-6
9:00-12:00Astronomy and the Solar System$150Register Now!
1:00-4:00Cryptography$150Register Now!
Grades 7-10
9:00-12:00Forensic Science$150Register Now!
1:00-4:00Let’s Experiment!$150Register Now!
Monday, June 15 – Friday, June 19
Grades 4-6
9:00-12:00Silly Science$150Register Now!
1:00-4:00STEM Fun$150Register Now!
Grades 7-10
9:00-12:00Computer Programming and Engineering$150Register Now!
1:00-4:00Math & Problem Solving in Popular Strategy Games$150Register Now!
Monday, June 22 – Friday, June 26
Grades 4-6
9:00-12:00The Magic of Imagination$150Register Now!
1:00-4:00Amazing Math$150Register Now!
Grades 7-10
9:00-12:00Farmers Market$150Register Now!
1:00-4:00Mad About Dough$150Register Now!


If you have signed up for an all-day camp or plan to attend both a morning camp and afternoon camp in the same week, you will need to provide your child/children with a non-perishable sack lunch each day. Refrigeration is not provided.


A limited number of scholarships based on financial need are available for our Summer Camps. Your child/children must qualify for free or reduced lunch to be eligible to apply for this scholarship. You will indicate your interest in applying for this scholarship during the online registration for each camp. After registration, we will send you information on how to submit your scholarship application. All scholarship applications must be received before April 30, 2020. Awarded scholarships will allow a child to attend one week of a half-day camp (morning or afternoon only) for $15 or an all day camp (both morning and afternoon) the same week for $25. A separate application must be completed for each child you wish to be considered. Please complete only one application per child.

2020 Summer Adventure Camps
Fractured Fairy Tales

Grades 4-6   ·   June 1-5   ·   9 a.m. – Noon   ·   $150   Register Now!

What would happen if fairy tales were remixed? What if the entire fairytale world were turned on its ear? Join us to discuss the history of fairy tales, investigate patterns within them, and design our own happily ever after!

Instructor: Sarah Reason

It's Showtime

Grades 4-6   ·   June 1-5   ·   1 – 4 p.m.   ·   $150   Register Now!

Do you have a budding performer? Do they like to act? Tell a story? Then this is the camp for them! Students will learn the art of acting from stage directions, improvisation, telling a story, and expressing big characters! Join us as we turn students into curious, confident, and creative performers, both on stage and off!

Instructor: Sarah Reason

Challenge and Adventure

Grades 7-10   ·   June 1-5   ·   9 a.m. – 4 p.m.   ·   $250   Register Now!

This camp is designed to make you think outside the box, work with teammates, and be creative. Students will engage in team building, yet still enjoy a little friendly competition! Each day will be a new challenge or adventure, while getting their creative juices flowing. We will also embark on walking adventures around campus. Join us for some fun and creativity!

Lunch: Please note: This is an all-day camp, and students will need to provide their own sack lunch daily. Refrigeration is not provided.

Instructor: Meg Wright

Astronomy and the Solar System

Grades 4-6   ·   June 8-12   ·   9 a.m. – Noon   ·   $150   Register Now!

Discover the secrets of the solar system! Delve into the science of astronomy as we explore the solar system, and learn about rockets and the science of spaceflight. Throughout the week we will design and build boats and landing structures that can float and roam on planets and moons. At this camp, the sky is truly the limit!

Instructor: Dr. Dain Kavars


Grades 4-6   ·   June 8-12   ·   1 – 4 p.m.   ·   $150   Register Now!

Cryptography is the study of secret codes and code breaking, and it’s a fascinating application of mathematics! Are you curious about how secret messages and codes are made? Have you ever wondered how information is kept secure despite it being shared all over the world every day? Then join us as we learn about the first codes ever used and how codes are created!

Instructor: Josh Ruark

Forensic Science

Grades 7-10   ·   June 8-12   ·   9 a.m. – Noon   ·   $150   Register Now!

This camp will introduce you to the forensic tools used in a typical forensic lab including hair analysis, blood spatter, fingerprint analysis and shoeprint analysis. We’ll research and report on a case study in which each of these processes help “cinch” the suspect, or in some cases, identify the incorrect suspect. Do you have what it takes to be a forensic scientist or crime scene investigator?

Instructor: ChristyAnn Norton

Let's Experiment

Grades 7-10   ·   June 8-12   ·   1 – 4 p.m.   ·   $150   Register Now!

Did you know that particles of gases are in constant random motion? This experiment packed week will use chemistry and physics as we study the behavior of gases, the relationship between pressure and volume (Boyle’s Law), volume and temperature (Charles’ Law), and pressure and temperature (Gay-Lussac’s Law). Join us for this inquiry-based workshop where you’ll discover the gas laws using everyday household items!

Instructor: ChristyAnn Norton

Silly Science

Grades 4-6   ·   June 15-19   ·   9 a.m. – Noon   ·   $150  Register Now!

Buckle in for an exciting week of science exploration! Students will discover what’s a solid, what’s a liquid, what’s a gas, and maybe even a mixture of the three! We will also take to the water to see what sinks and what floats. We will even find out what experiments might be lurking in your kitchen cabinets. Things might get a little weird, but that’s what’s so fun about science!

Instructor: ChristyAnn Norton


Grades 4-6   ·   June 15-19   ·   1 – 4 p.m.   ·   $150   Register Now!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a field that is constantly growing, as the demand for coders, game developers, and engineers continues to increase. During this week, campers will use skill-building to make a range of programs, including animations, stories, and games. Join us to learn why STEM is cool!

Instructor: Susie Cunningham

Computer Programming & Engineering
Computer Programming & Engineering

Grades 7-10   ·   June 15-19   ·   9 a.m. – Noon   ·   $150   Register Now!

Most people think of an engineer as someone who designs and builds machines. But to be able to do that, you must first start with computer programming! During this camp we will do a variety of programming, scripting languages, and technologies. Campers will also concentrate on essential computing concepts and web development including coding, game design, robotics, and more!

Instructor: Susie Cunningham

Math & Problem Solving
in Popular Stategy Games

Grades 7-10   ·   June 15-19   ·   1 – 4 p.m.   ·   $150   Register Now!

During this camp we will explore mathematics and problem-solving strategies that are incorporated in the playing, and hopefully winning of board games! A variety of board games will be explored for this weeklong adventure. Do you have what it takes to strategize for the win?

Instructor: Josh Ruark

Magic of Imagination

Grades 4-6   ·   June 22-26   ·   9 a.m. – Noon   ·   $150   Register Now!

During this week of imagination, we will learn the art of storytelling, how to create theme parks, and what it really means to be an imagineer through creative tasks, illustrations, programming, and more!

Instructor: Sarah Reason

Amazing Math

Grades 4-6   ·   June 22-26   ·   1 – 4 p.m.   ·   $150   Register Now!

Did you know that puzzles, riddles, art, and food all deal with math? Join us as we learn about finding math in the world around us, and begin to see that anyone can do ANY math!

Instructor: Sarah Reason

Farmers Market

Grades 7-10   ·   June 22-26   ·   9 a.m. – Noon   ·   $150   Register Now!

Have you ever been to a Farmers Market? Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a vendor? During this week, we will research, plan, and host their own farmers market with foods they will make in a commercial kitchen. On the final day, families will have the opportunity to “shop” the market!

Instructor: Christiana Mann

Mad About Dough

Grades 7-10   ·   June 22-26   ·   1 – 4 p.m.   ·   $150   Register Now!

Dough isn’t just a slang term for money. Dough comes in many forms including pasta, pizza, cookies, pastries, donuts, and so much more! This camp will put your kneading and baking skills to the test! Be prepared to get messy, and of course a little doughy!

Instructor: Christiana Mann

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