International Student Program

The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities is a public high school for high ability students and is a program for your last two years of high school. Your first year at the Indiana Academy you will live with an American host family and your second year you will live in the residence hall, which prepares you for living at college as well as offers social and cultural experiences.

International students
# 1 Public High School in Indiana Niche Rankings 2018
# 1 Public High School Teachers in Indiana Niche Rankings 2018

The Indiana Academy is located on the campus of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, U.S.A.

Ball State University has ranked among the best colleges in the Midwest according to The Princeton Review and was ranked 8th among the most innovative schools in 2011 by U.S. News & World Report.

Muncie, Indiana, has a population of 70,000 residents and is in the portion of the United States known as the Midwest. The Midwest is a region noted for its friendly people and its typical American lifestyle. The state’s capital, Indianapolis, is one hour away by car and Chicago – the third largest city in the United States – is only 4 hours away.

Once you arrive in Muncie, Indiana, you will take part in an orientation program that will help you adjust to the Indiana Academy and American culture. You will tour the Academy campus, meet other International and local students, take placement testing, and meet with your academic advisor.

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Contact Brandy Reichle, International Program Director:

Indiana Academy Fast Facts

  • Enrollment: About 325 Indiana students and 15 International students.
  • Class Size: Average class size is 15 students.
  • Faculty: All have advanced degrees in their field and over one-third have doctoral degrees. They are experts in their fields.
  • College credits: 150+ Ball State University dual credits available, so students earn college credit while in high school.
  • One- or Two-Year Program: Limited residence hall and local homestay options available.
  • Located on an American university campus, providing college and dorm experience while in high school.
  • Coordinators work closely with International Program Director to support international students on campus.

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Minghao’s Story

I’m Minghao Yan, an exchange student from China. Actually, I was not planning to come to the Indiana Academy at first since this is the first year the Academy recruits international students and I have never heard of it. However, the first time I saw the information about this school, I was captured by its rigorous and renowned academics and bountiful extracurricular activities. Finally, I decided to come to Indiana Academy.

I have been studying at the Academy for half a year and I found that all my expectations have come true. The Academy provides me with a chance to fully explore my ability of all aspects. Academites establish all kinds of clubs they are fascinated about and there are also hundreds of wellness programs a year organized by student life counselors to broaden student’s horizon.

I have learned how to form and express a strong argument in my liberal arts classes, which I find very useful. The experience of studying with the best students from Indiana and other parts of the world is unique and enjoyable, especially when different thoughts are in a clash. At the Academy, I learn not only from your conscientious instructors would teach me, but from my classmates. Their thoughts always inspires and refreshes me to a great extent. I am exposed to great ideas from another part of the world, which are vastly different from people’s perspectives in my homeland.

At the Academy, I am also able to pursue my particular interests. As a potential econ-major students, I can study economics at BSU with an incredibly low cost compared to normal university tuition. Also, various other dual credit courses are precious opportunities for us to get college level education, while in the meantime, earn college credits in advance. I can also explore my interests in coding by working with other outstanding student programmers in coding club.

As a boarding school, students at the Indiana Academy are bonded closely and can adapt to college lifestyle easily through the experience living in the dorm. The social culture at the Academy also helps me integrate into this big family rapidly. Academites are always ready to help when I need. I’m very grateful for all those my fellow Academites who have helped me before. There are always a lot I can learn from my classmates about the American culture.

In a word, the Academy has given me an authentic America living experience and prepared me for my upcoming university life.