International Student Program – Student Life

The Setting

Located on the Ball State University campus, the Indiana Academy is within walking distance of the university gym, museum, pool, library, post office, dining facilities, athletic games, University Theater, and much much more. While on a university campus, the Academy has its own community separate from the university population. The Academy is located in Wagoner Hall, the Indiana Academy House, Burris Laboratory School, and part of Elliott Hall. All of these buildings are located on the same block, at the southwest corner of the Ball State campus. Courses are taught in Burris Laboratory School while a few are taught in University classrooms.

The Academy Building – Wagoner Hall

Location: Wagoner Hall is located immediately adjacent to Burris Laboratory School and Elliott hall, and serves as the residence hall and social/study hub for Academy students.

Social areas: The common areas of Wagoner Hall are excellent areas to connect and spend time with other Academy students. Wagoner Hall contains the residential rooms, study and social lounges, mailboxes and lockers, teacher and administrator offices, printers, nurse’s office, academic guidance and tutoring, and unlimited wireless internet for student use.

All students, whether homestay or residence hall students, are welcomed and strongly encouraged to study together and socialize in Wagoner Hall during daytime hours.

Residential floors: Some students will be homestays, while others live in the residence hall. The Indiana Academy offers a residential experience unlike any other school. Residence hall students share a room with one other student and may choose to room with other international students or with American students.

Each room in the residence hall is approximately 12′ × 16’6″ (18.4 m2) and has a wall heating unit. The windows are covered with curtains. Furniture includes: two twin beds, two wardrobe closets with overhead shelf and storage areas, two desks with chairs and attached dresser drawers, two wastepaper baskets, two vanity and shelf units, one smoke detector, and computer outlets. There are quiet hours for studying, printers, laundry rooms, showering and restroom facilities, unlimited wireless internet, and lounges on the residential floors.

Student Life Counselors live on the floors with students, to provide structure and assistance throughout the year. All Student Life Counselors have at least a college bachelor’s degree and receive extensive training on student support, mentoring, and supervision. Additionally, Student Life Counselors are accessible to students to address concerns and problems and to foster academic achievement. Residential floors are secured 24 hours/day and students abide by Residential Life rules and curfews every day. Two nurses and a mental health counselor are available full time in Wagoner Hall to support Academy students as well.

Meals: Students living in the residence hall are provided 3 buffet-style meals per day as part of their meal plan. Homestay students pack lunch from home or purchase meals on campus at their own expense.

Student Story: Amy (Ga Hyeon)

Hi, my name is Amy! I’m one of the international students at the Academy, and I am from Korea. When I first heard about the Academy, I was fascinated by so many opportunities that could be offered to me by attending it, which made me want to apply. However, at the same time, I was hesitant on deciding whether to actually go or not because I was afraid! I feared that I might fail, not adapt very well, or even end up coming back to Korea without achieving anything. But then I realized that its better to be bold and try than to regret later about how I missed my great chance. And now, I am so glad that I decided to come! By coming here I got a chance to meet my wonderful host families. They were very nice to me and they tried to learn about my culture and to share their culture with me. I also got a chance to meet new friends at the Academy. They are all very passionate about learning and proud to be a part of the Academy.

What I like the most about the Academy is that the school offers so many opportunities in various aspects! First of all, there are so many clubs for students to join. I personally joined Science Olympiad club and competed with students from other schools from around the state. Moreover, I was in the international committee, in which I learned all about the different culture of my friends and got to introduce my own culture to fellow “academites” and teachers. We can also start our own club with a few other students that have the same interest in that area! For example, if a student is interested in biology, he/she can start a club with friends and do many activities. Secondly, there are so many different kinds of classes offered, including all kinds of AP classes as well as Ball State University classes too. The classes can often be challenging. However, I tried my best to accomplish all the classes successfully. As a result, the feeling of achievement and accomplishment is very rewarding!