International Program – University & College Success

The Indiana Academy offers a college-preparatory environment unlike any other high school. By the time Academy students reach graduation, they are superbly prepared for the independence, academic demands, and social and living environment of a college campus.

Colleges and universities from all across the United States, including Ivy League schools, seek out Academy graduates. Each year, 100% of Academy graduates enroll directly into college. Due to excellent preparation, it is not uncommon for Academy graduates to receive offers to several schools. Many alumni will stay in Indiana for their undergraduate degrees, while others leave the state and some study abroad.

The Academy’s College and Career Counseling Center provides the following services for our students:

  • One-on-one meetings with every student
  • Recommendations regarding appropriate college selection
  • Guidance on the college admissions process and deadlines
  • Financial Aid information and scholarships
  • SAT and ACT preparation and testing dates
  • University recruiters visit and present to Academy students
  • Skype sessions to various colleges
  • Ball State University departmental visits
  • Alumni collaborations and partnerships

Our graduates have been accepted to numerous prestigious universities:

  • Over 300 different colleges in U S and overseas – visit
  • Prestigious universities: Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford, etc.
  • Big Ten and State Universities
  • Private & specialty colleges: Notre Dame, Butler, etc.

Recent International Student Graduates are currently attending Oxford University (England), Rice University, Penn State, Indiana University, Boston College and The Ohio State University

Graduation and Prestigious College Admissions

  • Class of 2018 (146 students): offered $13.2 million in scholarships, accepted $6.7 million

Graduate Employment

Alumni employers include Eli Lilly, ESPN, Federal Express, Goodyear, Google, Intel, Merck & Co., Microsoft, Subaru, Texas Instruments, Toyota, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Government, and many others. We have alumni in many career areas including engineering, business (accounting, law, economics, actuarial science, management, marketing, real estate), education at all levels, entertainment (independent film-making – writing, directing, special FX, musicians), all types of medicine and health care (including work at IU, Northwestern, University of Pittsburgh, and Columbia). This is not a complete list. Please contact us directly if you would like more information about our graduates.

Notable Alumni

Visit to learn more about our graduates’ fascinating stories.