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About the Academy

Where are you located?

The Indiana Academy is located on the campus of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Most of the Academy’s classrooms are located in the Burris building on campus. Burris Laboratory School is a K-12 school in the same building as our high school but not run by the Indiana Academy nor using the same classrooms; however, we are both part of the Teachers College at Ball State University.

Are you a charter school?

No, we are not a charter school. Established by the Indiana General Assembly in 1988, the Indiana Academy is a public high school accredited by the Indiana Department of Education.

Do you have clubs or sports?

Absolutely! The Academy offers IHSAA sports as well as over 50 different clubs and social organizations. We have special events every week, not to mention activities like student parliament, jazz band, anime club, Science Olympiad, ultimate frisbee, yoga, quidditch club, basketball, soccer, swimming, and much, much more. Students can also participate in intramural athletics, and a variety of other extracurricular activities. There’s always a lot to do!

Do you have a prom?

Yes! Prom is a major part of high school, and the Indiana Academy celebrates this event in a big way!

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Admission / Application

When should I apply to the Academy?

We encourage students to apply by our early admissions deadline of Monday, January 29, 2024 to get priority registration for Orientation! The regular admissions deadline is April 24.

What happens if I complete my application after the early and regular deadlines?

If space is still available, we may continue to review applications completed after the deadlines until the waitlist is full. Any applications received after the regular application deadline may not be considered for the upcoming school year.

How many students get in each year?

Each year we admit approximately 140 new residential and 40 new non-residential students. Our total school enrollment is typically around 250 residential, non-residential, and international students.

Can I apply if I live in another state?

No, only residents of Indiana are eligible to apply. (Please see the International Student Program if you are applying as an international student.)

Is there a minimum PSAT/SAT score to be admitted?

The PSAT/SAT is not required to apply to the Indiana Academy during the 2023-2024 recruitment cycle.

So what does it take to be admitted to the Indiana Academy?

The Admissions File Review Team looks at a number of different factors while seeking to admit academically strong and well-rounded students. Approximately 60% of the decision is based upon past academic performance and classes taken. The remainder of the decision will take into account your interest in academics, school/community involvement, leadership, and non-cognitive indicators such as your drive, determination, and persistence.

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What classes do Academy students take?

Our curriculum offers a wide range of college-level, Advanced Placement (AP), and dual-credit classes, taught by our faculty who are experts in their fields. All of our faculty have graduate degrees in their content area with about one third of them having doctoral degrees.

Are the classes hard?

Each student will take placement tests during Summer Orientation, which will play a key role in making sure that students are placed in the appropriate level of class. Academy classes are challenging, move quickly, and cover a wonderful depth of each topic.

Will I earn college credit?

It depends on the courses you take. Students are able to earn a significant number of college credits while at the Indiana Academy. Students may also be able to enroll in Ball State courses.

What does a typical class syllabus look like for an Academy class?

We’re glad you asked! Take a look at some of our current course syllabi to see how the classes flow, the topics covered, and the teacher expectations.

Will I be able to take [subject] while at the Academy?

If you haven’t already, make sure to look through our current course catalog. While it doesn’t reflect all of the classes the Academy offers (since some are offered every other year), it should give you a good idea of what we typically offer. Students also may be able to enroll in Ball State courses (subject to availability.) Your advisor will meet one-on-one with you during Orientation to address all of your specific needs and answer your questions.

Where do I get a diploma from?

Your high school diploma will come from the Indiana Academy.

What are the graduation requirements?

Indiana Academy students must meet the requirements for the Core 40 with Honors diploma, in addition to a couple of Academy-specific graduation requirements.

What if I am not on the Core 40 with Honors diploma path?

The high school transcript for each applicant is reviewed as part of the admission process. If you are admitted, you will be notified of any classes we recommend you take prior to the start of the school year. Can’t take them before coming? No worries, we are normally able to accommodate most diploma paths.

Are there other courses or activities required for graduation?

Yes. We have an extended curriculum that includes Service and Wellness. While it is a graduation requirement, many students enjoy these various opportunities and activities.

Do I need to bring a computer?

Yes, both residential and non-residential students must have a personal laptop computer. Students do not need an expensive computer; Chromebooks are sufficient. The specifications for the computer are minimal — it must be able to run Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or compatible software such as Google Docs, Sheets, etc.

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Cost / Financial Aid

2023-2024 Indiana Academy Fees and Financial Aid Packet

How much does it cost?

As a public school, there is no cost for tuition for Indiana students. Families of residential students pay a room and board fee of $1,350* per semester (includes dining plan of 3 meals daily). Financial assistance is available for those eligible for free and reduced lunch, significantly reducing the room and board fee to as low as $344 per semester (includes dining plan of 3 meals daily). Half of the yearly R&B are due each semester, and families can make monthly payments.

Other expenses that may be incurred by families are for transportation, personal items, and the selection of options such as the yearbook, rental of a graphing calculator, and dual credit classes.

*2023-24 fees; subject to change

Is there financial assistance?

Yes! Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Families will apply for financial assistance after a student is admitted and following Summer Orientation. Qualification guidelines parallel the guidelines for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. We also have a few additional scholarships funded by our alumni for students from specific high schools or regions. Please contact us at for more information.

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Residential Student Program

What is a residential student?

A residential student is one that lives in our residence hall during the academic school year. Residential students reside in Wagoner Hall, the Academy’s private residence hall, and each student typically has a roommate. Students can select their roommate, if they know someone or meet someone that is coming, or students can leave the pairing to us by completing a roommate questionnaire!

How much does it cost a residential student to attend the Indiana Academy?

As a public school, there is no cost for tuition. Families of residential students pay a room and board fee of $1,350* per semester (includes dining plan of 3 meals daily). Financial assistance is available for those eligible for free and reduced lunch, significantly reducing the room and board fee to as low as $344 per semester (includes dining plan of 3 meals daily). Half of the yearly R&B fees are due each semester, and families can make monthly payments.

*2023-24 fees; subject to change

Can I have a pet?

The only pets allowed are freshwater fish who link in aquariums or tanks under 10 gallons per room.

Can I have a car on campus?

Residential students may not have a car on campus, nor may they enter any car without written permission on file from their parent(s) / legal guardian(s).

What about meals?

Residential students have a dining plan that covers three meals a day, seven days a week, when we are in session. Students may also bring snacks from home to have in their rooms.

What should I bring with me when I move into the residence hall?

Your room will come with a bed, desk, chair, mirror, shelves, and closet. You will provide your own bedding and special room decorations. You may bring with you a dorm-size refrigerator and a small microwave oven. Check the student handbook for more detailed information.

For your convenience, we have partnered with Dormify to provide an easy, affordable way to purchase Twin XL bedding, dorm storage solutions, and everything else you’ll need (and want) for your new home away from home. Please visit to get move-in day ready and create your dream dorm!

What’s it like living in a residence hall?

While in residence, you will have a roommate and, together, you can arrange and decorate your room to suit your personality and needs. Roommates are selected in one of two ways:

  1. If you know someone (or meet someone at a Discovery Day, Orientation, etc.) that you would like to room with, you both can select each other.
  2. You can fill out the roommate questionnaire and leave the pairing to us!
What if I get sick?

We have two full-time nurses on staff, who are able to assist both residential and non-residential students with their medical needs.

Do residential students go home on the weekends and on holidays?

Student can opt to stay in residence on weekends or go home. We are fully staffed on all academic year weekends, except for scheduled holidays and extended weekends when students must go home. Since residential students cannot have cars on campus, families must pick-up their student or make other arrangements for holidays and extended breaks.

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Non-residential Student Program (NECP)

What is a non-residential student?

A non-residential student is one that lives at home, instead of in the residence hall, and commutes in for classes and other activities. We do not have a set boundary for who can commute — we leave that to the students and families to decide!

Can I have a car on campus?

Non-residential (commuter) students may have a car on campus.

What if I get sick?

We have two full-time nurses on staff, who are able to assist both residential and non-residential students with their medical needs.

What do I do for lunch?

As a non-residential student you have several options. You can bring your lunch, eat in our dining hall (using BSU Dining Cash or your own payment method), or eat at a nearby restaurant or fast food establishment (at your expense).

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International Student Program

What is the process for applying to the Indiana Academy as an international student?

Students who are living outside of the United States (including those with dual citizenship) or those living in the United States under a VISA, should contact Ms. Huey Shi Chew, International Program Director, at to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

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College Preparation & Scholarships

Where do Academy graduates go to college?

Literally everywhere! Indiana Academy students attend colleges and universities in Indiana, across the country, and around the world. Approximately 75% of recent graduates have stayed in-state to pursue their undergraduate degrees. From small specialized programs to mid-sized liberal arts schools to the Ivy Leagues – Academy students are competitive and successful globally.

Do you schedule college/university visits?

Admissions representatives from more than 50 colleges/universities visit the Academy every year. Students can sign up for any/all of these visits. We also arrange a few bus trips each year to tour specific colleges/universities located within the state.

Will coming to the Academy help me pay for college?

While we cannot guarantee that you will get more or better scholarships by coming to the Academy, we can guarantee to make resources available to you to aid you in seeking out and applying for scholarships. We have an office called the College and Career Counseling Center dedicated to working with our students on college choices, career options, and available scholarships, as soon as they arrive. Each year our graduating classes are receiving more than $10 million in scholarships and financial aid offers!

Does Ball State offer any special incentives to Indiana Academy students?

Yes! Academy students apply free to Ball State University. Ball State’s standard application fee is waived for Academy students who apply online, or you can obtain an application and Fee Waiver from the College and Career Counseling Center (CCCC) at the Academy. Ball State admissions personnel make frequent visits to the Academy to answer questions and inform students of the opportunities that are available at Ball State specifically for Academy graduates. Visit the CCCC’s Ball State incentives page to learn more about admissions perks including scholarships for Academy graduates wishing to attend Ball State’s Honors College.

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