International Student Program – Overview

International students and families

Since 2015, the Academy’s International Student Program has welcomed students from all around the globe to our campus. We have hosted students from China, Germany, India, South Korea, and Vietnam, and we are continuing to expand our international recruitment to even more countries. This blending of cultures creates a diverse school atmosphere with welcoming and globally-minded students. It is with pride and joy that the Academy continues to grow this program and invites students to live and learn in our exceptional world-class setting.

The Academy accepts a limited number of eleventh- and twelfth-grade J1 and F1 students each year. International students who wish to attend the Indiana Academy are reviewed along the following criteria:

  • Application
  • English Proficiency (ELTIS or TOEFL scores)
  • Academic Performance (grades and teacher reports)
  • Interview

Each year, the Academy receives numerous international student applications. Therefore, the admissions process is selective and competitive. Admitted students rank among the brightest in the country and are ready for the academic environment of the school. Upon successful completion of the program, international students are awarded a nationally-recognized Indiana Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma.

Upon arrival in Muncie, Indiana, students will have time to bond with an American family. Students will then arrive to campus and take part in an orientation program that will help them learn more about the Indiana Academy school and American culture. Students will tour the Academy campus, meet other international and local students, take placement testing for class selection, and meet with an academic advisor to plan the best course schedule.

Some international students may live full time with a welcoming American host family. Others will live in the residence hall, which is excellent preparation for graduation and future life at a university. The residence hall closes once per month for extended weekends. During this time, even residence hall students will travel home with their community families. Both arrangements offer development of independent living skills with exceptional social and cultural opportunities.

The host family and community family experience is a crucial component of the Academy’s international student program. This includes a genuine interest in talking, traveling, spending time together, and sharing experiences with their American host/community family members. We consider applicants based on academic strength as well as their enthusiasm to engage, share, and bond with their American family and peers. The Academy accepts students we believe will do a great job academically and socially.

The Academy community strives to create a supportive environment that promotes diversity and intellectual exchange. The merging of cultures benefits American students and educators as well as our international students. International students at the Indiana Academy experience full immersion in the English language and vibrant way of life, new American family and friend groups, outstanding academics and independence. American students at the Academy get to experience a variety of new cultures and different ways of thinking by interacting with others from all around the world.

A blending of cultures is the overall goal of the Academy’s International program. American students and international students are fully exposed to new ideas and cultures through this exceptional program, making the world a smaller, friendlier, and more connected place. While we have wonderful differences, we are not so different after all. This program seeks to connect ideas, improve understanding, and develop lifelong respect and bonds between cultures.

We strongly believe our American and international students are the future leaders of the world. The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities provides an environment that allows students to discover their full potential, and create an academic path that is challenging, stimulating, and creative. Together, we celebrate our similarities and our differences as we share, grow, and discover new friendships that will span the globe.

International students

What is something you really like about the Indiana Academy?

Yifei: All of the students are kind, hard-working, and intelligent. The teachers are always helpful and caring. The school is cozy, welcoming, and is like a big family.

Jingchen: I can set up my own schedule and select the classes that I’m interested in. This helps me work more efficiently and keeps me motivated to work hard.

Lanyuntian: The unlimited opportunities for classes and extra-curricular activities, and the chance to enroll in university classes.

Hanbit: The dedicated faculty. Teachers here genuinely care about you, academically and your overall well-being, and put a lot of effort into creating the best learning environment.

Quifan: At the Academy I can pursue my own interests and increase my academic knowledge. The university-style calendar helps me to adapt to college life.

Xingyuan: If I could choose one word to describe my experience so far, it would be AMAZING because this is the exact high school I wanted to go to; I can chase my dreams here.

Student Story: Minghao (Patrick)

I’m Minghao Yan, an exchange student from China. Actually, I was not planning to come to the Indiana Academy at first since this was the first year the Academy recruited international students, and I had never heard of it. However, the first time I saw the information about this school, I was captured by its rigorous and renowned academics and bountiful extracurricular activities. Finally, I decided to come to the Indiana Academy.

I have been studying at the Academy for half a year, and I found that all my expectations have come true. The Academy provides me with a chance to fully explore my ability of all aspects. “Academites” establish all kinds of clubs they are fascinated about and there are also hundreds of wellness programs a year organized by student life counselors to broaden students’ horizons.

I have learned how to form and express a strong argument in my liberal arts classes, which I find very useful. The experience of studying with the best students from Indiana and other parts of the world is unique and enjoyable, especially when different thoughts are in a clash. At the Academy, I learn not only from what conscientious instructors would teach me, but from my classmates. Their thoughts always inspire and refresh me to a great extent. I am exposed to great ideas from another part of the world, which are vastly different from people’s perspectives in my homeland.

At the Academy, I am also able to pursue my particular interests. As a potential economics major, I can study economics at Ball State with an incredibly low cost compared to normal university tuition. Also, various other dual credit courses are precious opportunities for us to get college level education, while in the meantime, earn college credits in advance. I can also explore my interests in coding by working with other outstanding student programmers in coding club.

As a boarding school, students at the Indiana Academy are bonded closely and can adapt to college lifestyle easily through the experience of living in the residence hall. The social culture at the Academy also helps me integrate into this big family rapidly. “Academites” are always ready to help when I need. I’m very grateful for all my fellow “Academites” who have helped me before. There is always a lot I can learn from my classmates about American culture.

The Academy has given me an authentic American living experience and prepared me for my upcoming university life!