2024-2025 Course Catalog – Science: Engineering Emphasis

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Science: Engineering Emphasis

CL College Level

DC Dual Credit

Introduction to Engineering (CL)

Prerequisite: None
Co-requisite: Introduction to Engineering Lab (SCI04118L)
Credit: 1.5 credits
Offered: Fall

Introduction to Engineering explores a broad range of engineering and technology topics with their relationship to science and mathematics by solving real world problems. This hands-on course is designed to provide students interested in engineering and technology career opportunities to explore applications related to specialized fields such as mechanical, software, electronical, civil, aeronautical and astronomical engineering, among others. Students will engage in research, development, planning, design, production, and project management. Classroom activities are organized to allow students to work in teams and use modern technological processes, software, and production systems to develop and present solutions to engineering problems.

Projects in Engineering (CL)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Engineering or permission of instructor
Co-requisite: Projects in Engineering Lab (SCI04119L)
Credit: 1.5 credits
Offered: Spring

Students will develop and work on engineering-related projects that have a strong community service component. The class will be divided into small groups and work on projects based upon common interest. All projects will be required to demonstrate development and application of engineering skills in addition to fulfilling an identified need in the community. As a project based course, much of the activity will likely happen outside of the classroom. Project groups will meet with the instructor on a regular basis.

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