May 2019 News

Recognition Reception for Top 10 Math Students

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Top 10 Math Students

The Math Department at the Indiana Academy has established a tradition of honoring the top math/computer science student each year, usually giving the top student a small gift and celebrating with cake. This year there were so many outstanding seniors that the Math division couldn’t narrow it down to the usual one or two kids. Because there were so many students worthy of the honor in the Class of 2019, the department decided to recognize the Top Ten. These students have all taken extra classes along the way including in some cases some very high level Ball State classes, and the students have excelled in each of them.

The ten Academy students recognized by the Math department for taking a total of 65.5 math courses (equivalent to 210 hours of college credits) while at the Academy are:

Grace Allman
Charlotte Chen
Sage Hamm
Daniel Karagory
Darwin Kim
Hanbit Lee
Noah Migoski
Sterling St. Rain
John Replogle
Qifan Yang

The Outstanding Senior Award was presented to these students in appreciation for their participation and achievement in the mathematics and computer science program at the Indiana Academy.