March 2020 News

E-Learning Announcement

Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This message is to provide information regarding the switch to e-learning that will begin Monday, March 16 at the Indiana Academy. All course materials will be shared through Canvas for all Academy, Burris and Ball State University classes.

  1. Course delivery methods – Classes will be delivered in several different formats as announced by the instructor. These are:
    • Synchronous – Students should log-in at the class’s regular meeting time for instruction.
    • Asynchronous – The course will not meet at the class regular meeting time. Students can check Canvas anytime for their course materials and instruction.
    • Hybrid – Portions of the instruction will be synchronous and other parts asynchronous.
  2. Office Hours – Faculty have the option to work from their Academy offices or from home. Some will hold their previously announced office hours and others will arrange new times. Faculty are being asked to announce their office hours and availability. Please remember that all faculty can be contacted by e-mail. Direct contact by phone, using “Conferences” (video chat option in Canvas) or Skype can be arranged by request.
  3. Assessments – Will move to more formative assignments and fewer summative assignments. For example, students may be asked to complete frequent concept checks, short homework assignments, quizzes or participate in discussion threads. Fewer large traditional tests will occur because of exam security issues.
  4. Attendance – Since the course delivery methods will vary, attendance will be tracked through the completion of assignments. Students should submit work as announced in Canvas.
  5. Technology – We appreciate that internet and technology access will vary from student to student. Please contact the instructor immediately if access to course materials is problematic so that alternate methods can be identified.
  6. Pacing – Students should check Canvas frequently for new course materials and assignments.
  7. Keys to success – The keys to success in an e-learning environment are staying current with assignments and communication. Instructors will publish their materials on Canvas at different times and rates. Students must check Canvas regularly to stay current with the assignments. Problems (technology concerns, delays due to illness etc.) should be communicated with the instructor as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility as we move all courses to an e-learning environment. Having taught e-learning courses myself for many years, I know that this environment has its challenges, but can also be very educationally rewarding.

Please contact me at 765-285-4136 or if I can be of any assistance. For further updates on the COVID-19 and the Indiana Academy, please go to

Dr. Jeff Smith
Director of Academic Affairs