February 2023 News

Academy Senior to Present at Conference

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Congratulations to senior Academy student Charlie Behrman on his upcoming conference presentation, “Molecular Adsorption at the Liquid/Liquid Nanoemulsion Interface” at the Indiana Academy of Science annual conference this March on March 18 in Indianapolis! Charlie’s research with two BSU graduate students, under the supervision of BSU Chemistry professor Dr. Mahamud Subir, explores the effect of surfactant compositions, and thereby, the interfacial charges on the adsorption proclivity of different organic compounds using a surface selective laser-based technique. According to Dr. Dain Kavars, Executive Director, “Charlie is taking advantage of the opportunities available to Indiana Academy students to actively engage in cutting-edge research that has the potential to shape the world. We are proud of his many accomplishments and are very excited that he was selected to present at a professional conference!”

Please note: While similar in name to our school, the Indiana Academy of Science is a non-profit a professional membership organization of Indiana scientists and is not affiliated with the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities or Ball State University.