January 2024 News

Dr. Tom Arnold Receives Lilly Grant

Monday, January 29, 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Tom Arnold, Associate Teaching Professor of History, for receiving a $15,000 Lilly Grant! According to Dr. Arnold, the grant, “In Search of Sustainability: An Exploration and Comparison of Ancient and Modern Southeast Asia,” is an independent forty-day travel experience of discovery – and self-discovery – in Southeast Asia, focusing on four locations: ancient Angkor and Sukothai, and modern-day Bangkok and Singapore. The connecting, comparative question will be that of sustainability: how do we better build and maintain healthy, just, and resilient human communities?”

According to the Lilly Endowment Inc., The Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program (TCFP) is one of the Endowment’s longest standing programs, launched in 1987 to help Indiana public school teachers renew their commitment to teaching. Today, this program continues to support Indiana educators by providing resources for them to take time for meaningful renewal. The Endowment believes that through new experiences, exploration and reflection educators can generate renewed energy in their careers, innovative approaches to teaching and educational leadership, and thoughtful ways to encourage students’ creative thinking.

“Dr. Arnold has a passion for bringing the world into the Academy classroom and I can think of no better way to continue this practice than through this Lilly grant,” remarks Dr. Olufowote, Director of Academic Affairs. I’m so happy for Tom and excited for the students that will be enriched further through his research activity.”