February 2024 News

Dr. Lobo Receives Bell Education Grant From Community Foundation

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Phillip Lobo for winning a Robert P. Bell Education Grant to fund his project: “Let’s Build a World! – Collaborative Game Setting Construction.” According to Dr. Lobo, “The [May Term] project is to collaboratively create a world-setting and then populate it with converted game mechanics. It will be split into two phases. The first week will be spent creating the world itself, using a variety of games to generate the setting; the second week will be dedicated to playing games in that setting, and compiling ‘source books,’ either producing a key component in a larger game or a smaller game within the larger setting. The end result will be a robust, interconnected set of collaborative creative works, united in a single brand new world.” The funds from the grant will go towards purchasing reusable maps and drafting materials, graph paper and journals, as well as dice and tokens and because of the generosity of the Community Foundation, according to Dr. Lobo, “…I should be able to run my May Term free of cost for our students!”