Spotlight: Chris Buczek

Chris Buczek (Chemistry) joined the Academy faculty in the fall of 2018. After completing a BA in Sociology with a concentration in Psychology from Indiana University and a BS in Chemistry Education with a concentration in Mathematics from Trine University, Ms. Buczek received a Master’s in Science Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. In addition, she is halfway through a Master’s degree in Chemistry. At the Academy, she teaches General Chemistry and AP Chemistry.

A Note from Ms. Buczek

The Indiana Academy is a fantastic place to serve engaging, curious, and bright students who are eager to be challenged, which I get to do every day! One challenge our students face is when they realize that learning is not a spectator sport. I work hard to present students with experiences that will help them make sense out of chemistry. Of course, that means the students have to practice a lot with the concepts much in the same way an athlete or a musician must practice their skills.

One of the biggest advantages to being a teacher at the Academy is our availability during office hours to work with students one-on-one. I remember when I taught at a traditional high school, students would show up at my desk during my prep period to ask questions, and sadly, I would have to turn them away because they were supposed to be in another class, because they told their teacher they were going to the bathroom! At the Academy I usually offer around 15 hours of office hours where students can get that one-on-one help they want.

The smaller class sizes give me the opportunity to answer more questions in class, work more closely with students, and really get to know the community of students. Our students are so much more than their academic gifts and it has been a delight to learn about and support their other endeavors whether that is their involvement in theater, sports, music, or art.

One of the things that is very important to me is getting to know each of my students – not only as students, but as people, too. I value listening to them and working with them to help them reach their educational goals. I look forward to getting to know you soon!