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Being a family and having students involved in the athletic program at Burris, you are being sent this letter concerning the future of the Burris Athletic Boosters. The Burris Athletic Boosters Organization is an organization that is very valuable in the development of all the teams at Burris and, as can be seen in the content of this letter, has raised thousands of dollars toward this goal.

However, the future of the organization depends entirely on participation from families, both physically and monetarily, with students involved in the athletic program. The future of this organization at the present time is clouded considering the members and officers who have students graduating this year. Of course, as students graduate, so do in a sense, the families involved in the running of the Booster Club.

Now is a critical time for the future of our Burris Athletic Booster Club. In an organization where membership changes due to the passing of time, it is very important that potential incoming members are notified and recruited so the organization can remain alive and active.

As our student athletes pass through our halls during their middle and high school careers, their parents become active in their son’s / daughter’s athletic endeavors. Many also become active in their support of the organization that was founded for the sole purpose of helping our student athletes have the best equipment, leadership, and fun that participation in athletics can provide.

It is for this reason that recruitment of parents of middle school and elementary athletes, as well as the parents of current high school athletes to the Burris Athletic Booster Club, is imperative in order to keep this group, that aids so much in the development of athletics at Burris / Indiana Academy, alive.

Many people are not aware of the role that this organization has played in the past several years in terms of purchases for the athletic department and athletes. I would like to list for you some of the items the club has purchased and areas in which the club has been active:

  1. cost for printing of all athletic programs
  2. participation in Fall Festival and Octoberfest
  3. monetary support of middle school boys and girls basketball
  4. purchase of girls soccer jackets
  5. purchase of cheerleader warmup uniforms and spirit products
  6. purchase of cheerleader pom poms
  7. purchase of baseball batting cage
  8. monetary support of volleyball program
  9. purchase of boys basketball, home and away, uniforms
  10. purchase of girls basketball, home and away, uniforms
  11. all awards given to athletes at awards banquets
  12. monetary support of middle school baseball program
  13. running of concessions at volleyball, basketball, and baseball games
  14. purchase of video camera for basketball program
  15. monetary support of varsity and jr. varsity baseball program
  16. monetary support for training services from BMH Health Strategies
  17. wall plaques honoring coaches and athletes
  18. monetary support for elementary basketball and volleyball programs
  19. purchase of award blankets
  20. purchase of uniforms for flag corp
  21. purchase of boys and girls basketball travel uniforms
  22. purchase of baseball equipment
  23. purchase of boys and girls soccer uniforms
  24. purchase of letters for athletic jackets
  25. cross country, tennis, and summer baseball programs
  26. warmup suits for track and cross country
  27. banners, paper, and other supplies for cheerleaders
  28. tennis court equipment (water rollers)
  29. bags for golf team

The support of our athletes by this organization has resulted in total monetary support of over $40,000 in the last four years. These funds are raised by the organization through dues, raffles, halftime promotions, fund raising sales campaigns, and concession work. All profits are used for Burris / Indiana Academy athletics.

We desperately need parents of athletes in high school, elementary school, and middle school, to become members of the Burris Athletic Boosters Club.

For parents of Academy students it is understandably difficult to attend these meetings, however it is not difficult to join the organization and lend your support to this group that does so much for our student athletes. For parents of Burris athletes, it would be great to see a large turnout of people interested in keeping this worthwhile organization alive and functional.

A small fee of $15.00 supplies you with membership into the organization. However, there are other levels for donations to the organization. While the membership fee is very important, it may be even more important that interest is shown in sustaining the club by attending an upcoming meeting.

If you are not yet a member of our organization, please give consideration to joining today. If you are a current member, a potential new member, or you are interested in hearing more about the club, come and see what the booster organization is all about in person. This club is worth sustaining, but it needs your help in the form of enrollment.

Become a member today!