May 2020 News

2020 National Latin Exam Results

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The results are in from the National Latin Exam, and congratulations are due to the students below for their achievements:

Latin 1
Emma Leedy
Cum Laude distinction
Eric BlacklidgeCum Laude distinction

Latin 3
Natalie Williams
Maxima Cum Laude distinction
Meredith FairmanMagna Cum Laude distinction

This exam was taken by Latin students across the entire country. While everyone at the Academy who took the exam did well, receiving a mark of distinction means that compared to peers across the country these students have excelled. It is important to note that Natalie Williams and Meredith Fairman are second year Latin students, but take the Latin 3 (as opposed to Latin 2) exam because the Academy operates under an accelerated curriculum/dual credit. This means that they have received distinction in a year beyond where they would typically be expected to be.

Congratulations to all who took the exam! Our Latin students are truly extraordinary!

Academy Instructors Receive Bell Education Grants

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The following Academy instructors received a Robert P. Bell Education grant from the Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County Inc.:

  • Tom Arnold – $238.04 (Election of 1896 Posters)
  • John Marsh – $450 (Build an Escape Room)
  • Stephanie Nagelkirk – $356.29 (Harlem Renaissance Party)
  • Evan Ward – $108 (Ancient & Medieval Medicine Science Fair)

Each of these instructors has been awarded a similar grant in the past, and we are proud of their continued efforts in securing funding for innovative projects for our students.

National Latin Exam

Friday, May 4, 2018

The results are in from the National Latin Exam which our Latin students took in February and we had very many students who received a distinction of some sort. Congratulations to the following students and their instructor Mr. Evan Ward on their accomplishments on the Level 1 exam.

I — Those who received a Cum Laude distinction:

Cassidy Rager
Jade Jameson

II — Those who received a Magna Cum Laude distinction:

Han McCoin
Tayah Lowe
Elliott Whiteside
Nora Slaven
Veronica Barber
Kaylee Bright

III — Those who received a Silver – Maxima Cum Laude distinction and honorary medal:

Mckenna Reid
Alex Newhall
Rachel Stephens
Mattie Vanvleet
Paige Lang
Jill Hale
Drew Wheatley
Micayla Roginski
Natasha Carlton
Grace Allman
Ian Efsits
Aaron Dowdle
Jacob Nichols

IV — Last but not least, those who received a Gold – Summa Cum Laude distinction and honorary medal (meaning that their exams had near-perfect scores):

Grace Alvarez-Rosario
Grace Siefker
Katelyn Kaiser
Judy Liu
Hannah Ridgeway
Preston Dunithan

Euge! (Well done!)