April 2019 News

National Latin Exam Results

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The results are in from the National Latin Exam, and here is how Academy students placed:

Gold Medal
Natalie Williams
Meredith Fairman
Grace Allman

Silver Medal
Parker Clingerman
Seth Rubush
Lincoln Rutter
Judy (Yifei) Liu
Jacob Nichols
Paige Lang
Patrick Caron
Preston Dunithan
Nora Slaven

Magna Cum Laude
Cheyenne Brenton
Elliott Whiteside

Cum Laude
Micayla Roginski

Our senior Latin 2B students this year took the “Level 3” exam since we are an accelerated program (an Academy first!) which means that the seniors in this list are not only performing at a level above where they would normally be but are excelling at that level with respect to their Level 3 peers in other schools.