April 2019 News

Academy Students Give Outstanding Performance at Economics-Philosophy Competition

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ten teams from three different high schools including the Indiana Academy competed on April 18 in an event put on by the Ball State University Economics Department. The Academy fielded three teams of seniors, and they all performed exceedingly well. After presentations and discussion, questions on specific moral dilemmas were put to the teams, and they had only 5 minutes to formulate an answer. All three Academy teams delivered answers that were strongly reasoned, supported by relevant philosophical concepts, creative, and very well-articulated. Participating students included:

Suzanne Brown, Francesca Clifton, Than Win, Magnolia Clayton, Hanbit Lee, Rachael Snow, David Stephens, Nathan Buehrer, Alex Newhall, Samuel Shephard, and Drew Wheatley

Medals were awarded to the first, second and third place teams in the competition, and Academy teams won first and third!