March 2020 News

UPDATED: End-of-Semester News

Friday, March 27, 2020

UPDATE (3/27/2020):

If you are enrolled in a BSU class, be aware that the extension of the Academy’s semester to May 15th does NOT apply to your BSU class. These classes will follow the BSU end of semester completion dates and will likely finish by April 30th. Contact your BSU instructor if you have questions.

Original Communication

Dear Students and Parents,

We have heard from many students that they are stressed both physically and emotionally. They have had to return home weeks earlier than expected, separate from their friends and they are facing an uncertain future. Many have asked for a delay in school work to give them time to grieve and make adjustments.

One of the challenges in e-learning is finding the right pacing. Your instructors have been asked to be flexible during this time, but I know that many adjustments are taking place to find the most appropriate ways to deliver the e-learning courses.

To help balance these problems, I, in consultation with Dr. Barton, Dr. Marra, and Dr. Lowery, have decided to extend the semester past the original end date of May 1 to May 15th. The week of May 18-22 would be “Final Exams”, more likely a time to wrap up assignments, complete grading etc. The extension of the semester by two more weeks will allow additional flexibility in course pacing, create more time for review, perhaps generate time for a creative e-learning event or project, or just have an open day to get caught up.

I know that you will be disappointed to give up May Term, the time normally spent in special and unique classes. However, I believe that the move to extend the semester will offer greater flexibility and better serve the emotional and educational needs of the students.

Dr. Jeff Smith
Director of Academic Affairs