April 2024 News

Explore Experiential Credit Bearing Opportunities at the Academy: Teaching Apprenticeships!

Friday, April 12, 2024

Last spring semester, we featured credit-bearing internships and research opportunities available to Academy students. Did you know Indiana Academy students can also earn academic credits as a teaching apprentice? The Teacher apprenticeship program is designed with mentorship and professional development in mind. Students have the unique opportunity to work alongside Academy faculty on a variety of activities related to classroom management, instruction, and student support. Read below to hear more on the experiences students have had this semester as part of the teaching apprenticeship program!

“This week, I felt much more confident in giving context to the class. I recognized that it was appreciated last time, so I was empowered to go to extra lengths to provide things I found interesting or relevant. I even included some items that weren’t immediately relevant, but provided an additional perspective on love that contrasted from that in the film. Mr. Haynes listened attentively to my suggestions early in the week, and he even took notes! He told me after I presented yesterday that my context was becoming an essential part of the class that he’s hoping to include more consistently in the future.”
-Theo Davis

“This week has mostly been individual work editing a video. We did a visual project last semester in our Korean Class, so I am editing the smaller videos into one large video to upload to YouTube. I’ve never been very techy, so this has been a great chance for me to exit my comfort zone. Over this past week, I have learned so much about editing and computer science. By editing the videos I’ve also been able to watch them again and learn more about my classmate’s experiences. The videos are in Korean, so it has helped my listening and reading skills as well.”
-Lorna Holman

“…that night I hosted another study session and some people came. I was able to help answer numerous questions in prep for the test that was the next day at the time. On Friday, I showed up to class again and did mostly the same but at the end I was assigned to collect quizzes. Ms. Buczek has asked me to double check future keys over the weekend…”
-Myranda Partaker

Contact Dr. Olufowote, Director of Academic Affairs, for more information on how to get connected to the teacher apprentice program!