Online Education Information + Fee Structure

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Fee Structure (per student)

Important Note: All Indiana Academy Online Education students will earn dual credit through Ball State University for every course taken.

Full-Year CoursesFee
AP Calculus AB (MATH 165)$600*
AP Calculus BC 1 & 2 (MATH 165 & 166)$700**
AP Physics I (PHYC 110)$600*
*For students in AP Calculus AB and AP Physics I, sites are billed $250 by the Indiana Academy in the fall semester, and individual students are billed $350 by Ball State University for the spring semester.
**Each student in AP Calculus BC 1 & 2 is billed $350 by Ball State University per semester.
Fees subject to change.
Fall Semester CoursesFee
American History, 1492-1876 (HIST 201)$350
AP Calculus BC 2 (MATH 166)$350
Linear Algebra (MATH 217)$350
Multivariable Calculus (MATH 267)$350
Spring Semester CoursesFee
American History, 1877-Present (HIST 202)$350
AP Calculus BC 2 (MATH 166)$350
AP Statistics (MATH 181)$350
Differential Equations (MATH 374)$350
Fees subject to change.


Payment in full must be received in order for course access to be granted. The school corporation is responsible for payment for the registration fee for each student enrolled in the program. It is the responsibility of the school corporation to seek reimbursement from individual families, if necessary. Checks can be made payable to The Indiana Academy and mailed to:

The Indiana Academy Online
Academy House
Ball State University
Muncie IN 47306

School purchase orders will be accepted, but payment in full must be received no later than October 1 for course access to continue. Please see below for information regarding payment of invoices for dual credit courses.

Dual Credit Information*

Ball State University offers college credit upon completion of select courses*.

Enrollment to Ball State University must be completed by the beginning of the semester. The full $350 per-semester fee will be paid directly to BSU for students participating in dual credit.

Ball State University – Dual Credit Program

*NOTE: Dual Credit availability subject to change.

Drop-Add Period

The Indiana Academy Online offers a standard drop-add period of two weeks after course access is granted. During this two-week drop-add period, you may notify the Indiana Academy of any enrollment changes so that the invoice may be adjusted accordingly.

Minimum Enrollment

While there is no minimum enrollment requirement for each remote site, if the overall enrollment for a course is below our minimum enrollment threshold, we reserve the right to cancel the course. In the event of a course cancellation, a full refund of fees or alternate registration will be provided.