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Other Services

Bracken Library

Academy students have access to library services at Ball State University. Students are responsible for returning materials that have been borrowed from the library. Pre-determined fines by Ball State University will be assessed to students for late or damaged items and are to be paid at the University Bursar’s Office (Lucina B-31). The Academy will not accept responsibility for fines incurred due to late or damaged materials. Questions or concerns regarding this matter should be directed to Bracken Library (765-285-5143).

Burris Laboratory School

Burris Laboratory School comprises grades K-12 and may have differing rules because of this unique environment. All Academy students must abide by Burris and Academy rules while in Burris Laboratory School. Burris is considered a part of Ball State University, therefore all Ball State rules and regulations apply as well. Any visitors to Burris Laboratory School must report to the main office, wear a nametag (provided by Burris) at all times while in the building, be prepared to provide ID at any time, and abide by school rules. Academy personnel (students, faculty, and staff) will be required to keep their BSU ID on their person while in Burris Laboratory School and should be prepared to provide ID at any time.

Food Service

Food service is provided through Ball State University dining service which operates all dining locations on campus. Parents/guardians and family members are welcome to eat in public BSU dining locations.

Indiana Academy residential students are provided with a meal plan throughout the school year. NECP and homestay International students are not provided a meal plan, but may purchase dining cash on their own to use as they see fit.

Dining Service Locations and Hours are available on BSU’s website:

*Students are not allowed to use their meal plan during the extended breaks. Students may not use their meal plans after the building closes for extended break. Students may resume using their meal plan after the building is opened from extended break.

Meal allowance per meal period

Appropriate behavior in dining service is required at all times. Inappropriate behavior, such as throwing/wasting food, eating and/or drinking contests/challenges, littering, or misconduct may result in the student’s immediate removal from the facility and may also result in disciplinary action from the Academy.
Note: Ball State Dining Service Employees work hard to maintain healthy, clean and sanitary dining facilities. Please support these efforts by properly disposing of your food and dishes.

Sack Lunches are available by request through the Ball State Dining Website. Please visit for up-to-date information on the process to request a sack meal.

If a student ID card is LOST and Bracken Library is closed, a student can obtain a “Feed-me Pass” from the Front Desk to gain access to a Dining Facility. Within the next business day, students are responsible for replacing a lost or altered/defaced ID at Bracken Library. BSU will replace an ID for free once. All additional replacements cost $25 (2023 replacement cost).

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available in the residence hall. All washers and dryers are coin operated ($1.75/wash and $1.50/dry). Students may also pay for use of the machines with online funds through the SpeedQueen mobile app. Laundry room policies are posted in each facility and must be followed. To ensure efficient and effective use of the Academy Laundry facilities, the Academy requires students to reserve a time to use the washer & dryers. Students should not overfill washers and/or dryers to ensure efficient use and avoid damage of machines. Clothes should be promptly transferred from washers to dryers, as well as from the dryers back to the student’s room. Laundry that is not promptly transferred from either washer or dryer may be removed from either so that other students may use the facilities. Clothes left in the laundry facilities for more than 24 hours will be removed and dispensed as the Academy sees fit.

Identification Cards

Each student will be issued an Indiana Academy photo ID card and Academy lanyard that will serve as access to dining service, the library, health center, admission to programs, and certain areas of the Academy building. Students should carry ID cards at all times and the ID cards should not be altered or defaced in any way (e.g. scratching off “Indiana Academy,” photo, or other identifying markers). Students are required to have their ID on their person while in Burris Laboratory School. Students should not punch holes in their ID cards, as doing so may permanently disable the card. In the case that a card is disabled, altered, or defaced, the owner is responsible for replacing the ID card promptly at their own expense. ID cards must be official Indiana Academy IDs and may not be used to access BSU facilities or amenities by anyone but the owner of the card. All lost IDs must be reported to the Front Desk immediately. Students will need to replace a lost or altered/defaced ID. Temporary ID cards cannot be issued. If paying cash, the process to obtain a new ID is to deposit $25 in the student’s Bursar Account at Lucina Hall, a receipt of payment will be issued, and then the student goes to the ID Office in the basement of Bracken Library with the receipt. Replacement lanyards/card holders will be available through the Academy for $3. To pay for a new ID online:

  • Go to
  • Click on Personal Information
  • Click on Learn more about Cardinal Cards
  • Click on Replace a Cardinal Card
  • Click on the CASHNet link to make a credit/debit card payment
  • Complete the form with your information
  • Click on the Add to Basket button
  • Confirm information and click on Checkout
  • Continue with checkout and enter payment info

(See also Student Identification in the ABCs of Student Life).
Note: If a student ID card is lost and Bursar Office and/or Bracken Library is closed, a student can obtain a “Feed-me Pass” from the Front Desk to be able to use meal equivalency at a Dining Facility.

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